Title Cat: GC, GPD, NW Cacao Fire In My Pachette, DM
Photo by Blue Bayou

This Issue Published: Tuesday, November 15, 2016
Next Issue: Tuesday, December 6th

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Light & The Heat Cycle Of The Female Cat
Member Article

Did you know you can use light to encourage your female cat to come into season — or to discourage her from cycling too? This article tells you how . . .


The Vinegar Rinse
Member Article

A vinegar rinse can be a useful addition to your cat's regular bath routine. Learn more about this simple grooming additive . . .


How To Tell A True Tabby
Member Article

Perhaps the single thing most newbies (and some not-so-new cat breeders) find confusing is understanding the issue of agouti and non-agouti tabbies. Learn how to tell whether YOUR tabby is a true agouti (or not) . . .


Decontamination of a Cattery
Following an Infection

Member Article

Once a cattery has experienced an outbreak of a contagious infection of any type, decontamination must become a priority. Learn the products and techniques to use to clean and disinfect your cattery . . .


Ceylon's Wand-erland

If you are looking for a special Christmas gift for the cat-lover in your life (or yourself), come take a step into the wand-erful world of Ceylon's Wand-erland.


The Second Time Around
Free Article

An exhibitor shares her story of granding her cat — twice! 


CFA Bicolor Persian Grands of Distinction
Free Article

In 2011, CFA instituted a brand new title — the Grand of Distinction. The first Bicolor Persian to earn the title was a Brown Patched McTabby & White Spay named GC, GPD, NW Cacao Fire In My Pachette, DM. This article tracks the Bicolor Persians that have earned this prestigious title to-date . . .


TICA Top Three Exotics, Persians & Himalayans 2015-2016
Free Article

Here are the top winning Persians, Himalayans and Exotics of TICA for 2015-2016.


Ten Catmandments
Free Article

If you have a cat with that thinks it is the head of the household, you need to know the Ten Catmandments . . .


Blast From The Past

Famous cats from the 1970's to the 2000's...

This week's star is:

SGC IW Paintbrush June's Angel
Blue Persian Female
TICA's 13th Best Cat 1981-82


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