Title Cat: A Trio of Tabbies

This Issue Published: Tuesday, March 1st, 2016
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The Process Cat

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Sometimes when you cannot find the 'perfect' cat for your breeding program, you decide to use a cat that has some of the characteristics you want — even though it doesn't meet all your needs. This is called a "Process Cat".


Ingrown Toenails On A Cat
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If the trimming of a cat's claws is neglected, the result can be a painful ingrown toenail. This article includes a series of photos showing just what can happen if you fail to cut a kitty's nails . . .


Stimulating Appetite
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Is your cat a picky eater? Does your show cat need more weight? Here are a few tips to help pack pounds on your kitty or help the kitty that is eating poorly.


Goop Soup
Member Article

Goop is a popular hand cleaner that can also be used as a mega-easy-cat-degreaser when used in combination with shampoo. Learn how to make a superb one-step cat coat degreasing product we like to call GOOP SOUP.


Hands Off
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Have you ever sat at ringside at a cat show and decided how you would place the cats on display. Most of us have . . . but can you really judge a cat without actually handling it?


Just One Litter
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When she receives a letter from a pet owner requesting stud service for 'just one litter', Kathy Durdick of Ristokat Himalayans realizes she can turn her reply into a teachable moment.


New Cat Breeds For Specific People
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Just imagine what new breeds might be developed if people with specific interests were in charge?


Blast From The Past

Famous cats from the 1970's to the 2000's . . .

This week's star is:

GC, NW Samwai Cloisonne of eMeReS, DM
Tortoiseshell Persian Female
4th Best Cat in CFA 1977-78


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