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  • CFA / Dr. Elsey's Precious Cat Litter International Cat Show 2015
    CFA President, Mark Hannon, shares his thoughts about CFA's premier show event for 2015 — The Cat Fanciers' Association / Dr. Elsey's Precious Cat Litter International Championship Cat Show . . .
    December 2015

  • CFA International Show Results 2000
    Each November, the biggest cat show in the world is held in the United States of America. Exhibitors from all over the Europe, Australia, Japan, Canada and the USA converge on one show hall to exhibit more than 1300 cats over the course of three days.
    December 2000

  • CFA International Show Results 2001
    The Best of the Best of 1000 cats entered in the prestigious CFA International Show.
    November 2001

  • CFA International Show Results 2002
    The results are in and a black Persian from California is Best in Show!
    December 2002

  • CFA International Show Results 2003
    Showing History was made when a kitten was selected as Best of the Best at the 2003 CFA International Show in Houston, Texas.
    December 2003

  • CFA International Show Results 2004
    Over 700 cats competed at the prestigious CFA International Show in Texas this November. And the winners are..
    December 2004

  • CFA International Show Results 2005
    The results are in for CFA's premier cat show and for the first time a European cat takes top honors!
    December 2005

  • CFA International Show Results 2006
    CFA's International Show for 2006 is finished... and here are the results...
    November 2006

  • CFA International Show Results 2008
    The results are in for the 2008 International show in Atlanta, Georgia... and a European-bred Black Persian comes out on top!
    December 2008

  • CFA International Show Results 2009
    A black Persian wins Best of The Best at the 2009 CFA International show!
    December 2009

  • CFA International Show Results 2015
    CFA’s largest cat show of the year was held in Pennsylvania on November 21-22, 2015. With over 700 entries, the top cat was a male Manx named GC, RW Briar-Mar's Good To Be Me. The 1st and 2nd runners-up were both kittens — an Ocicat named DotDotDot's Sam I Am and a calico Persian, Astral Charm's 5th Element . . .
    December 2015

  • CFA International Show Results 2016
    CFA’s largest cat show of the year was held in Michigan on November 10-20, 2016. With over 500 entries, the top cat was GP, NW Cinema's Liberace of Calcat, a copper-eyed white Persian neuter. See more results from CFA's most prestigious cat show.
    December 2016

  • CFA International Show Results 2017
    An adorable dilute calico Persian kitten, Velvetkist Don't Touch My Tutu, was named Best in Show at CFA`s International Cat Show 2017.
    November 2017



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