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  • * Dual Mothering
    Should you let two mothers share their kittens between them? Should you give a kitten from a large litter to a mother with a smaller litter to care for? Learn the pros and cons of dual mothering...
    October 2011

  • * Eclampsia
    Every breeder should be able to recognize the signs of eclampsia - your queen's life may depend on it.
    October 2003

  • * Mastitis
    Mastitis is an infection of the mammary gland of a nursing cat that can be life-threatening. Learn how to check for it and what to do if your queen develops mastitis.
    July 2016

  • * Mastitis Medical Case History #1
    Follow the symptoms and treatment of a young Exotic Shorthair female who develops mastitis after giving birth to a singleton kitten...
    June 2011

  • * Mastitis Medical Case History #2
    This is the case history of an Abyssinian female that developed an unusually fast-acting mastitis infection that required surgery...
    June 2011

  • * Poor Maternal Instincts In A Cat
    Most cats are excellent mothers, so it can be very disheartening when a queen fails to properly care for her kittens. Evaluating the degree, seriousness and consequences of the individual queen's poor mothering instincts will allow you to formulate a plan to either improve her mothering skills or eliminate her from your breeding program.
    August 2015

  • * Red Raspberry Leaves and Marshmallow Root
    Did you know these two simple herbs can be used to supplement your pregnant queen's diet and help her have an easier delivery and produce more milk?
    April 2002

  • * Surrogate Mother Cat
    While a breeder can take on the task of hand-rearing some of the kittens, a surrogate mother, if available, is a better solution.
    May 2015



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