Becky Orlando
CFA Exotic Breed Council Secretary 2001-2002

Published January 2001

I will try to give you a brief personal history and my goals for the coming year in our Breed.

I registered BECTON Cattery in 1982 and began breeding Exotics. During this time our breed was fairly new and did not have the impact that it does now that it has grown to be the 4th most popular breed in CFA.

Since the early 80's I have shown Exotics almost exclusively.

It wasn't until 1986 that I produced my first grand with my Cattery name GC Becton's Top Gun. During the next many years I have had many GC's and Regional winners. I have also been fortunate enough to have had four National Winners, including Kitten of the Year in 1997 with GC NW Becton's Queen of the Desert.

What I find the most rewarding is my four DM's; because as a breeder this shows my Cat's accomplishments. They are GC Becton's Miss Behavin, and her daughters, GC Becton's Desert Daze and GC RW Becton's Summer Jackpot. In 1999 we were fortunate enough to have CFA's first shorthaired Exotic male to earn the Distinguished Merit award, GC Del Adene J'Bustopher Brown DM.

I entered CFA's Judging program in 1994 and in the last six years I have been busy filling all the requirements for both Longhaired and Shorthaired Specialties and hopefully will receive Allbreed judging status in the coming year. I felt this was the right move to make and I can't begin to express my love for judging. It also brought me to a crossroad in my life and in 1999 I retired totally from breeding. I have not regretted this decision.

As a Breed Council Secretary, I feel I can answer questions and help with guidance and understanding of this breed to all and anyone who comes to me for help. I have never let my personal views interfere with my judgement as BC Secretary.

Our Breed has been faced with many uphill battles the last 10 years, and I worked hard with the outgoing BC Sec., Barb Sims, in striving for championship status for our LH Exotics.

We lost this battle at the Board table a couple of years ago, even though the LH issue passed both the Exotic BC and the Persian BC by over the required 60% vote. With this decision our Breed has lost many of it's members. I tried to get many members to re-join and in 1999 we gained many new members. However, this was shortlived, and with the passing of W.I.A.B. at last year's Annual, we again face a falling membership.

The new year will begin soon and this will be my second term as Breed Council Secretary. In my first term our Breed sustained a devastating blow with the now "no look a like" policy and many of our members have again resigned from membership

What I hope the future brings?

Let the past die. Put our hard feelings behind us and move on. Strive to produce the winning Exotics we have seen before. Concentrate on breeding programs and strive to have homozygeous Exotics. Discuss possible health problems; discuss our standard and colors and work together for the good of our Breed.

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