The PandEcats' Name & Logo

Published July 2000

Where did the name "" come from?

While the name name comes from "P" for Persian and "E" for Exotic, different staff members of pronounce it differently.

As founding editor and name creator, I like to think I know that the correct way to pronounce it is Pee-and-Eee-Cats-Dot-Com. I find this most appropriate as not only does it represent the breed names, but my cats do pee and I often "Eeeeee" with glee as I watch them play, so maybe that's what it stands for too!

When talking amongst themselves, the computer guys refer to the website as "Pandecats"... slurring all the sounds together into one word that sounds like they have discovered a new species that is a cross between a Panda Bear and a Chinese cougar. I am secretly amused by this "vision" as my first Persian WAS black and white, GC PaJean's Jem of Mockingbird, who was the cat who got me involved in all of this in the first place. So the computer geeks have a point :-).

The Gypsy Guru, being a flamboyant eccentric kinda guy, has been overheard referring to the website as Pan-Day Cats.

If you hear of any other pronunciation, please let me know. I'm thinking of writing a phonetic dictionary!

THE Story of the LOGO

Jill Bartlett is the graphic designer of the logo. Two of my favorite images on the entire website - The Cheshire Cat animation, and the Kitten in the Suggestion Box - are products of Jill's expert talents. Jill also created the logo. So many people have asked how she did it, I have asked her to share with you just part of her creative process...

First, take a Persian cat, GC NW "PJ"...

And an Exotic, CH "Leo"...

and behead them...
and since two heads are better than one, combine them...

Add a drop shadow and a pillow emboss...

Make it a bit smaller...

the LOGO was born!

Editor's Note ***
Jill is being humble in describing how the log came to "be".
In between each major step are 5-10 minor half steps that "tweak" the image
so as to prepare it for the next manipulation.

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