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Diadem Cattery

Originally published in the 1987 CFA Yearbook

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The first part of this article was published previously …

Other changes we have seen since my 1979 “Silver is Precious” Yearbook article are changes in the roster of Silver Catteries. Some of the catteries active at that time are no longer breeding, but there are many new and enthusiastic people replacing them. Delphi and Kitza have not been breeding for many years; also retired are Adcock, Bean Ridge, Candyshop, Hershie, Heathklif (from silvers), Hillsbury, Kittique, Marlboro, My-My, Oakview, Sanroli, Silverlace, Wee Heather and Wicklow. In their place, new breeders have become quite active.

Though breeding for quite a few years, Exton has made more of an impact in recent years. Other prominent catteries today that have been, like Exton, active for more than a dozen years and consistently producing good cats are Dalee, Diadem, Gold Hill, Jenwilli, La Cattique, and Sanmar, while Joyvyn, Myshara and many others – too numerous to mention – are more recent.

Becky and Howard Jones’ Exton owes its start to cats from Oakview (which combined Kitza and Walnut Hill), Analan (largely Delphi and Hillsbury), Kitza, and both silver and solid color males from the Brownstone Cattery. Later, Joyce Douglas Cook’s Joyvyn Cattery began breeding with a number of Exton cats (including Exton’s first Grand Champion, All American Girl) to Oakview and Viennese males. The latter was out of Charlwood breeding produced from Delphi and Walnut Hill.

The Dalee cattery of Barbara Whitman is another West Coast cattery coming down from Gray-Ivy cats, mostly through the Care-y line with a little Delphi and Walnut Hill in the background. Lindalee Akin’s Gold Hill cattery is another in the area founded entirely on California lines. Jane and Sy Howard began Jenwilli with Wicklow silvers (mostly Kitza with a little Walnut Hill). Later they added an Adcock cat out of Heathklif and Diadem lines. More recently, they acquired a Kimberlea male and for another outcross, bred to a Diadem male.

As if trying to produce outstanding silvers is not enough of a challenge, Wilma Van Scoyk of La Cattique cattery is working with both silvers and goldens, and produced the first and only golden Grand Champion. (Later, a golden premier granded). The most recent grand from La Cattique combines Diadem and the first offspring of a Japanese golden import.

The first grand champion in Shirley Crawford’s Sanmar cattery was the impressive Sanmar Ole, a combination of Care-y and Be-Ru (both going back to Gray-Ivy) on one side and Wee Heather on the other. Bred to GC Diadem Adorable of Sanmar, they produced several grands. Somewhat later, a Walnut Hill male was brought in.

In the Midwest, Sharon Fontanini began her Myshara lines with cats from Hershie (West Coast lines combined with Hillsbury), a male from Mystre Cattery (all California lines), and then a pair from Diadem. In the Southwest, Sandy Baugh developed her Silvawest line from similar lines going back to Hillsbury, Delphi, and Walnut Hill, as well as Bard’s, combined with a solid color and more recently, some Myshara cats. Other catteries in the area include Sharron and Ron Cricchio’s Silvacreek, began with Wokanda cats and more recently Myshara, and Anne and Ronnie Jones, Royal Rebel, with very similar lines.

Newcomers in the Midwest, Cheryl and David Bennett began their WeAnde line with Charade (back to Delphi, Marlboro and Hillsbury), and cats from Kelley Lane and Mary Crary, also with Candyshop. Several Candyshop silvers from Sarah Velman gave John and Linda Acomb’s Scrimshaw a good start. Candyshop combined Mary Crary, Gray-Ivy and Delphi to produce beautiful silvers.

In Canada, Louise Dube is best known for one of this year’s National Shaded winners: Serail. She planned the breeding and raised him, though she no longer owns him. Chatican silvers are mostly Diadem with La Cattique and a local bloodline. Wilma Lagerwerf has several Chatican cats and a Diadem male. Also in Canada is Susan Student, whose lines are a combination of Wee Heather, Diadem, Adcock and a solid color.

Diadem began with a Gray-Ivy female and the Walnut Hill male, Pride. Over the years, I acquired females from Kitza, Delphi, Wicklow, Day-Ho, Jenwilli, Myshara (in that order) and a male from Wokanda (Sanskrit/Walnut Hill breeding). In turn, I have sent cats to the established catteries of Adcock, Jenwilli, Kalima, La Cattique, Queen Ann Hill, Sanmar, Talin, Walnut Hill and Wyngate, as well as to many breeders new to the fancy, and breeders in other countries.

As you can see, the gene pool for silvers is somewhat limited. All the good silvers being bred today, by catteries listed and unlisted, have one – and usually more than one – of the old lines in their pedigrees if you go back far enough. As each cattery develops a “look” of its own, it comes from a different combination of a few basic lines, with selective breeding to “set” that look. This is partly responsible for some breeders turning to solid color Persians for an outcross. Many breeders are reluctant to try this, and all are aware of how difficult it was to eliminate the bars from early silvers. This is a problem golden breeders are faced with today. Breeding show quality cats has never been easy; but present day breeders are face with different problems than those face by breeders thirty years ago.


The Silver story will be continued in Part 3 of this article, in the next issue…


Author, Janice Reichle, has been breeding Shaded Silver, Chinchilla and the occasional Golden Persian under the Diadem cattery name for more than 35 years. 

While many Diadem Silvers have earned the title of Regional Winner, as well as having a National and Breed winner with GC, BW, NW Diadem Dilemma, Janice is most proud of her Distinguished Merit sire GC Diadem Personality Plus, DM, and what he has done for silvers.


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GC Diadem Personality Plus, DM
Shaded Silver Persian Male
Born 2/3/1981
S: GC Wokanda's Dirory of Diadem
D: GC Diadem Knick Knack
Breeder/Owner: Janice Reichle
Photo by Howard




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