The Thirty Most Common Female Cat Names
...and Their Meanings

Published December 2006

There are plenty of lists of common cat names, but…what do they mean? Are certain names associated with certain characteristics and traits?

After interviewing several veterinarians about this hypothesis, it was determined that there are certain characteristics generally associated with some names.

A list of the top 30 d female cats names were compiled by Veterinary Pet Insurance over 300,000 policy holders. The following are characteristics associated with each name:

1. CHLOE ; Cats named Chloe are often larger breed cats with very loving and loyal personalities. They aim to please and can be quite “care-free”. Origin: Greek. The meaning is: Greek Shoot or fresh young blossom.

2. LUCY ; Lucy is a name often given to spoiled cats. Lucy's are loved and given lots of attention and time. Most Lucy's are smart cats and good problem solvers. They are alert and not much gets by them without them knowing about it. Many cats named Lucy are described as “beautiful”. Origin: Latin. The meaning is: Light and learning.

3. CLEO ; Cleo is a common cat name, which is well suited for the noble looking cat. Most Cleo's are beautiful with lovely coats and a regal aristocratic personality. They seem to like attention and know their worth. They love to have a soft bed and like to be petted. Origin: Latin. The meaning is: a Patrician, aristocratic and noble.

4. PRINCESS ; The name “Princess” is often associated with smaller breed cats with a lot of charisma. At least they show charisma to their owners but it may not be obvious to their veterinarian or groomer. They like to look “pretty” and are often dressed in pink clothes, collar or bandanas. Origin: English. The meaning is: Royal Daughter.

5. ANGEL ; Angel is a name often associated with a quiet tranquil cat. They are thoughtful, loving and very loyal. They are often suspicious of strangers and slow to warm up to new people. They are trustworthy friends and good at keeping secrets. Origin: English. The meaning is: Angel; Messenger; kind and lovable.

6. MOLLY ; Molly is a great cat name. Molly's come in a variety of sizes and shapes and are generally gentle and sweet natured. If you look into most cats' named Molly's faces ; they actually have “pretty faces”. Molly's are generally very trusting. Origin: Hebrew. The meaning is: Virgin Mother of Christ.

7. KITTY ; Kitty is a common and sweet cat names. Cats named Kitty are often dainty, pretty and a bit “flirty”. They love live and can be really sweet. Origin: Greek. The meaning is: Flirty.

8. SAMANTHA ; Samantha is a name given to many different sizes and breeds. One common characteristic is that these cats are smart and intuitive. They seem to know what you are thinking. Some Samantha's can be described as “bewitched”. Origin: English. The meaning is: Female for of Samuel; a listener.

9. MISTY ; Many cats named Misty can be described as thoughtful and quiet. They are often sincere, sweet natured but a little shy. They are slow to warm up to strangers but once they do, they don't forget them. They have a keen sense of hearing and smell. Origin: American English. The meaning is: Unclear; covered with mist. .

10. MISSY ; Cats named Missy are sweet and often quiet. They often described as “shy”. They are loving cats and like to spend quiet time with you. Origin: Greek. The meaning is: Soft-spoken.

11. SOPHIE ; Sincere and sweet are two words often used to describe Sophie's. They can be creative and like to play. They are people cats and prefer your company over the company of other cats. Origin: Greek. The meaning is: Wisdom.

12. BABY ; Cats named Baby are often spoiled rotten (in a very good way). They are generally sweet cats with extremely pretty facial features (I know this sounds strange but you know what I mean, right)? Origin: American English. Meaning: Young, innocent and sweet.

13. MAGGIE ; Most cats named Maggie are happy and mild-mannered. They prefer to be with their owners than on their own. They love to be loved and give TONS of love back in return. A lot of cats named Maggie like to communicate with you either with whines and barks or with their eyes. Origin: Greek. The meaning is: From Margaret; a Pearl.

14. ZOE ; Cats named Zoe are often strong leaders. They can be quiet and thoughtful. They seem to read your mind at times. They prefer your company over anything else. Origin: Greek. The meaning is: Life.

15. CALLIE ;There are several spellings for &ldquo;Callie&rdquo; including Kallie, Kali, Cali and Calli. Most Callies are calico colored ; meaning they have 3 colors. Genetically, most all calico cats are female and beautiful. The 3 colors make calicos a very striking cat. Origin: Greek. The mean is: Most beautiful. </P>
16. JASAMINE ; Jasamine is a named often used for beautiful cats with lovely coloring. Most Jasamines are sweet and precious cats. They are very sweet with loving personalities. Their favorite pass time is eating! Origin: Persian. The meaning is: Colorful.

17. PATCHES ; Patches is a name commonly used name on cats with fur focal spots of different fur colors. Most patches are &ldquo;strays&rdquo; type cats with big personalities. They love life and are generally people oriented. They appreciate having a loving home and are wonderful pets. Origin: American English. The meaning is: Scrap, bit or piece.

18. SASHA ; Cats named Sasha often come in a variety of sizes and shapes. Most Sasha's are eager to please and very &ldquo;caring&rdquo; cats. They are also good listeners and love it when you talk to them. They like to go on walks and spend quiet time with you. Origin: Greek. The meaning is: Defending men; helpmate.

19. GRACIE ; Cats named Gracie are often graceful, agile and sweet. They can be described as sincere and devoted companions. They are often energetic and like to play. They often have an inner &ldquo;wild&rdquo; steak that occasionally comes out. Origin: Latin. The meaning is: Faithful.

20. PRECIOUS ; Cats named precious are loving cats with loyal owners. They are loved and give lots of love in return. They generally prefer to be indoors only and in a safe environment. They love to be pampered. Origin: English. Meaning: Loved; highly valued.

21. DAISY ; Cats named Daisy are often sweet cats with loving personalities. They are often low-key cats with quiet tendencies. They like to play at times but prefer to sleep. Origin: Latin. The meaning is: Days Eye, Flower name ; with yellow center and white pedals.

22. SHADOW - Shadow is a common and wonderful cat name. It is often given to cats that are black. Many cats named Shadow are shy and slow to approach strangers. They are loving and loyal to their owners. They hate going to the vet and are not trusting. Some describe cats named Shadow as &ldquo;uptight&rdquo;. Origin: English. The meaning is: Dark image cast by an object blocking the sun's rays.

23. GINGER ; Ginger is a common name given to cats that are ginger in color ; a red/brown color. Golden retrievers, Irish setters and Brittany spaniels are a couple common breeds named Ginger. Most Gingers are sweet although some can borderline on selfish. They sometime prefer to be in single cat households. They often have a &ldquo;girl next door&rdquo; appearance to strangers. Origin: Latin. The meaning is: Spring like; Flourishing or pungent spice.

24. SASSY ; Sassy is a common named given to cats that are delicate and distinctly feminine. They are often pretty and act like little princesses. They have independent personalities and can be a bit aloof. Origin: American English. The meaning is: feisty or playful.

25. LILY ; Lily is associated with feminine beautiful cats that are dainty and very agile. Cats named Lily can jump on things, transverse tables with objects piled on it and never knock anything down. They are sweet cats and are often very bonded to the woman in their homes. Origin: Latin. The meaning is: a beautiful flower.

26. BELLA ; Cats named Bella are often small and pretty. They are generally very agile and graceful. Most Bella's are very loyal to their owners and are used to being spoiled. Many Bella's like to be fussed over with grooming, nail painting or being dressed up. Their favorite color is pink! Origin: Italian. The meaning is: Beautiful.

27. ABBY ; Abby is a good cat name and associated with a happy, free-spirited cat. Many Abby's never met a stranger and seem to really love their life. They have a fondness for treats. Origin: Hebrew. The meaning is: Father in Rejoicing.

28. SMOKEY ; Cats named Smokey are often grey in color and absolutely wonderful cats. They are generally gentile and sweet. They love looking out the window and watching birds, squirrels and other animals. Origin: English. The meaning is: Smokey, as the result of being on fire. Smokey is also associated with a grey hazy color.

29. ANNIE ; Annie is a &ldquo;girl next door&rdquo; name given to many cats with sweet loving personalities. They can be funny and will do things to make you smile. They love your companionship. Origin: Hebrew. The meaning is: Grace; Favor.

30. TIGGER ; Tigger is a very fun cat name! Many Tiggers are considered &ldquo;ornery&rdquo; and sweet cats. They love life and are often very people oriented. Many Tiggers wifll act more like dogs than cats some times. Origin: English. The meaning is: Cute cat.

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