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Black and red are called "full colors" in the cat fancy. When a cat inherits the "dilute" genes, black becomes blue and red becomes cream. Even solid color cats that are the same color can look different since the shade of a color can vary. Except for a all white cat, it is not unusual for a solid color cat to have a faint suggestion of tabby markings especially when it is a kittens. These tabby stripes are called "ghost markings". These ghost markings are seen most often on reds and creams.

NOTE: The color and pattern names used are the official names used by The International Cat Association (TICA).

Solid Black
Solid Blue

Solid Black




Solid Chocolate
Solid White

Looking For A Different Color?
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  • Solids: Cats that are one color and do not have any stripes.
  • Tabbies: Cats with stripes - called tabby markings. The tabby markings have four different patterns.
  • Torties/Torbies: Usually females, these cats are a mixture of both black and red. They can be solids or tabbies.
  • Pointed: Color is only seen on the face, feet, and tail. Those points can be solid or tabby.
  • With White: Any of the above with white added. The term particolor means any cat with white.

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