Kathy Durdick
New Associate Editor of PandEcats.com & ShowCatsOnline.com

Published October 2003

As editor, I am very pleased to announce that Kathy Durdick of Ristokat Himalayans has been promoted to the status of Associate Editor of both PandEcats.com and our sister allbreed ezine, ShowCatsOnline.com.

Kathy has been an integral part of PandEcats since its debut July 2000, and in the three years since that time her contributions have been invaluable.

She authors all the articles pertaining to Himalayans and their history. She has written many of the "How To" series for newcomers to the fancy - explaining everything from how to fill out an entry form, to how to set up a benching cage at the show.

Kathy chooses and presents the Blast From The Past cats, prepares the Gallery cats, and researches and writes the Great Catteries series of articles.

She proofreads every issue and provides a valuable second perspective on all editorial decisions.

Kathy continues to contribute to the entire cat fancy in ways beyond measure - as a co-founder of the linechasing website CatPedigrees.com, a member of CFA's Persian Breed Council (the Himalayan and Tabby Divisions), as well as a member of The Atlantic Himalayan Club, and Lewis & Clark Longhair Specialty Club.

Simply put, Kathy is a treasure.

Congratulations to new Associate Editor, Kathy Durdick.

Lee Harper, Editor
PandEcats.com & ShowCatsOnline.com

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