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Published January 2013

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Everyone associated with is very excited about our new homepage design. There are plenty of new features that we have created to make your time on our website more productive - and more enjoyable.

The Title Cat

The first thing you notice is that our new homepage features a stunning photo of a "Title Cat" prominently featured at the top of the page. Each issue of will feature a different feline. All of our new Title Cats will be showcased with a large photo - really highlighting the beauty of the cat. In addition, every Title Cat will have an article written about it -— telling its story and the story of its "purr-son"..

For the debut of our new look, we have two Title Cats, "PJ", representing the Persian breed, and her son, "Perry", carrying the banner for the Exotic Shorthairs.

Current & Next Issue Dates

The current publication date and the next issue date are more prominently displayed in our new design, directly under the Titel Cat's Photo.

Streamlined Article Index

Another big change in our homepage look is that the menu on the left hand side of our homepage has been expanded and reorganized to help you find the exact article you want. There are now more subject categories, and the categories have been organized into related sub-groups. We are still fine-tuning the menu, so we hope you will indulge us as we bring it up to date. We think the new menu will make it much easier for you to find exactly what you are looking for on

Improved Search Feature

Some improvements you won't notice at first glance. Our search feature is more obvious - right up near the top of the homepage on the left in its own black box to the left of the top of the page. Not only is it easier to find, but over the next few weeks we will be tweaking the way it functions and the look of the Results Page.

Article Listings

The layout of the articles on our homepage and the articles themselves have been streamlined with new fonts and text sizes, and increased page width. This should make your reading experience more comfortable.

New Past Issues Archive

Now look in the right hand column of the homepage. The first thing you see is a Past Issues. PandEcats publishes twice a month, on the first and third Tuesday of the month. If you get busy, and think you missed an issue, just click on Past Issues to go to a page which will list past issues and their articles.

Icon In Browser Bar

The smallest change in our new features is a favicon. If your browser is Google Chrome, you will notice that PandEcats has a logo in the browser bar, PE . Too cute!


Don't forget to check the very bottom of the homepage... the kitties are watching...

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