The People Behind

Published July 2002

Perhaps the single biggest misconception most people have about is that because it says "Lee Harper, Editor" on PandEcats' masthead, that I am totally responsible for PandEcats. In fact, there are a great many people who make PandEcats "happen".

In the two years since began, over 180 people have made contributions to our website with either actual articles or research for an article. Our authors include Veterinarians, Geneticists and Research Scientists... National Campaigners to Newbies... Computer Experts, Graphic Designers... Philosophers and Humorists. Without their generous contributions, PandEcats could not AND would not be the outstanding resource it has become.

So let me thank everyone who is part of No words can truly express my thanks to everyone who contributes to PandEcats... from the writer, photographers, layout designers... and to the Members of PandEcats too, for without your support we could not continue. Thank you all so much!

I would like express my gratitude to two special individuals in particular who each are indispensable to the success of every issue of

Dave Howard is PandEcats' chief computer guru. Without Dave's initial participation, I would never have had the courage to even attempt to produce a magazine online, never mind one which publishes twice a month and has the quality of images and features that are part of the PandEcats website.

Thank you Dave - you are incomparable!

But most of all, I wish to thank Kathy Durdick of Ristokat Himalayans for her contributions to Kathy does so many things on PandEcats, I don't even know where to begin to list her accomplishments. Kathy is our resident Himalayan consultant - and the depth of her knowledge of her breed is incredible. She is a ring clerk extraordinaire. She is an experienced and successful campaigner in CFA. And she shares her knowledge and experience with PandEcats as she researches, writes and photographs many of our articles. Kathy is also a talented website and graphics designer. She adds the effects to all our Blast From The Past cats, takes care of our Web Rings, proofs all our issues, acts as a sounding board for new ideas... and so much more. The contribution Kathy makes to PandEcats is simply immeasurable.... and I have no words to thank her enough for all she does.

Thank you, Kathy, for everything...
but most of all thank you for you friendship.


PandEcats original core staff consisted of 5 cat people and five computer people.

The Cat People

  • Lee Harper
  • Kathy Durdick
  • Munira Murrey
  • Lorraine Shelton
  • Dr. Susan Little

The Computer Geeks

  • Dave Howard
  • Hellery Spear
  • Lawrence Hawke
  • Jill Bartlett
  • Erica Knight

We thought you might like to know a bit more about them...

Lee Harper, Mockingbird Persians and Exotics
Founding Editor

Lee Harper, Hon BSc, BFAA, CPA, MPA, is a Graduate of the University of Guelph with an Honors BSc in Zoology and of Fanshawe College with an advanced degree in Fine Arts Photography. Lee was the 17th woman in history to be awarded the title of Master of Photographic Arts by the Professional Photographers of Canada and has her work in the Professional Photographers of America permanent loan collection. An award winning writer and producer, she began showing Bi-color Persians in 1994, campaigned a cream and white Persian to CFA's #2 Cat in Championship in 1997, and introduced Exotics into her breeding program in 1999.

Kathy Durdick, Ristokat Himalayans

Himalayan Consultant

Kathy Durdick, BS, is a Honors graduate of Portland State University in computer programming. In 1994, Kathy and husband Jon began Ristokat Himalayans. While maintaining a very small breeding program, they have enjoyed considerable success, with 10 grands, 5 regional winners, and recently their first DM. In 1997, Kathy combined her computer expertise with her artistic talents and began Ristokat Web Designs. RWD has designed and/or maintains many cattery websites including The Atlantic Himalayan Club, Oakheaven Himalayans, Mockingbird Persians & Exotics, and of course, Ristokat Himalayans. Kathy's creative talents are responsible for designing many of the cattery ADS for and ALL the marvelous effects for "The Blast From the Past" kitties. And while Kathy does not list any previous circus experience in her resume, she is's official RINGMASTER. Responsible for the creation of the's Web Rrings and their constant maintainance, Kathy handles her multitude of duties with all the expertise of a Barnam & Bailey graduate. Please note: Kathy does not, however, use a whip nor does she wear a tophat or red coat jacket while engaged in her tasks as Ringmaster.

Hellery Spear
Artistic Director

Hellery is an award-winning artist, writer, entrepreneur, and philosopher. After college she travelled extensively in Europe and Africa before returning home to begin a career in magazine layout and design. Recently she has turned her interst to the burgeoining possibilities that the world wide web offers for creative design work. Hellery shares her home with a cream and white Persian named Rave.

Dr. Susan Little
Medical Consultant

A graduate of the Ontario Veterinary College, Canada, Susan Little DVM is board certified in Feline Medicine and Surgery. Dr. Little showed Egyptian Maus for 10 years under the CFA cattery prefix, Zaynzalbar, until retiring from breeding to concentrate on a feline only medical practice with husband Ed, a veterinary specialist in internal medicine. Dr. Little is a member of the CFA Health Committee and the Winn Feline Foundation, contributes her expertise to both print magazines and internet sites.

Lorraine Shelton, Featherland
Genetic Consultant

Lorraine Shelton is the co-author of the recently released 4th edition of "Robinson's Genetics for Cat Breeders and Veterinarians". A frequent lecturer to the lay public on the subject of genetics for more than 15 years, Lorraine has been breeding chocolate and lilac Persians under the Featherland prefix for 12 years. After obtaining her BS in Biological Sciences and a BA in psychology from UC Irvine, Lorraine worked in the bio-tech industry, developing one of the first in-office tests for Feline Leukemia and developing genetically engineered proteins and animal models of human diseases.

Munira Murrey, Missionhill
Silver/Golden Consultant

Originally from India, Munira Murrey entered the world of pedigreed cats 22 years ago and devoted the last 20 years to the breeding and exhibiting of Silver Persians. Starting with colourbred silvers, Munira pursued a dream to produce silvers with more extreme type, while retaining the very special etherial look that is unique to the Silver Persian. By combining silver lines with those of a cream CPC Persian male and a black Persian female, Munira has achieved that dream.. While it has not been an easy goal to reach, the Missionhill Silvers now produce extreme kittens in every litter, with less extreme kittens being the exception rather than the rule. In recent years Munira has introduced Goldens and Exotics into her breeding program.

Lawrence D. Hawke
Contributing Writer

Larry Hawke BA, BS, MBA is a modern renaissance man with many talents and interests. While not a cat breeder, he shares his home and family with a large white Persian named George and George's less hairy "younger" brother, an Exotic named Washington (no relation). Web

Dave Howard, Strategic Human Resources Group

Dave's interest in communication began more than twenty-five years ago when he attended Ryerson Polytechnic University, graduating with a Bachelor of Applied Arts - Radio & Television. In 1986 Dave returned to his native British Columbia and started Strategic Video Productions. Strategic Video has produced educational and promotional videos for large and small organizations. Dave taught video production and computer graphics at The Centres for Digital Imaging and Sound and has been active in local industry associations.

Jill Bartlett, TAG Interactive
Graphic Designer

Jill is a pixel pusher - meaning she spends her life married to a computer creating interactive graphics and animations for multimedia. In fact, rumor has it she has even surgically attached a computer mouse to her right hand (which has been known to attract the occasional cat). She has a deep love of furry felines but is unfortunately afflicted with the sudden onrush of weeping eyes and nose whenever she is found cuddling them. This misfortune has resulted in Jill creating virtual kitty-cats to play with, much those which can be seen throughout this site. Jill is owner/operator of TAG Interactive, and has over 10 years experience in the field of multimedia. She received her Bachelor of Design from Emily Carr Institute of Art and Design in 1993 and has developed creative concepts and productions for everything from print to web site development.

Gypsy Guru

"GG" wishes to remain anonymous, as befits his gypsy origins :-). Suffice it to say that he is a talented, high-energy kinda guy who knows everyone worth knowing. And REALLY knows how to throw a party. "Gypsy" usess his many contacts throughout the cat fancy community to help find the answers to your questions on a wide variety of subjects. No question is too big or too small for "GG" to search out an answer to...

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