Per-Lore Database Tops 500,000!

Published August 2012

Tracing a pedigree back in history is now almost 9 years old... and has seen amazing growth and support in that time. :-)

Each database added to the website is named after the person donating it - and includes a photo and link to their website.

We are very excited to announce that as of August 2012, the Per-Lore Persian & Exotic database is now over 500,000 pedigrees strong!

To our knowledge, this is now the largest pedigree database available online - and continues to be 100% free for everyone to access and use.

Many thanks to Barb Brush of Per-Lore for continuing to add pedigrees and share her linechasing talents with all cat fanciers! BRAVA!

In Barb's own words:

"Frankly, when I started linechasing, I never dreamed I'd have a database anywhere near the half million mark. I was happy just putting my own pedigrees together and then reaching out to see what was behind them.

And databases like this aren't done 'alone'. They are the result of teamwork and the result of those that have gone before 'us'. I personally have to give a lot of credit to Claudia Myers, Peter Romich and Helen Listema. All three openly shared their research and years of linechasing. I vividly remember going thru yearbooks multiple times with Helen and when herman went online how we went back again and re-checked all those early GC's just one more time. And I remember how we then tried to help CFA fix their online records for both the GC's they'd missed and all the new DM's we'd found. I also remember stumbling across Baby Doll Akers whose pedigree had been a mystery for Peter and others for years. I just knew he was looking down on us and grinning from ear to ear. "

If you have a database, we hope you consider adding it to the, helping to build an enduring legacy for all cat breeders. is interested in including databases of all breeds... and all cat registries world wide... so pass the word along to your friends in all breeds. This is an awesome way to contribute to your breed and the breeders of the future.

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