The Sooty Girl

by Karol E. Cummins
Wyndcreste Silver Persians

Published March 2011

Once upon a time, there was a very pretty Chinchilla Silver Persian kitten named Georgiana.

Now, being a very active and playful kitten, one day she happened upon the fireplace in her human mom's bedroom and found the glass screen open, as it has never been before.

Naturally, Georgiana's curiosity got the best of her and decided to explore the fireplace, which she discovered was very interesting indeed.

While her cousin kittens, Mardi Gras, Arianna and Paparazzi looked on, Georgiana wound her way amongst the logs there and investigated every sooty inch of the fireplace.

However, Georgiana emerged quite a different color than she was before, much to the amusement of her cousins and human mom.

Georgiana was very proud of her bravery and showed off her handiwork — self dye job if you will.

She did not understand why her human mother laughed so much, but gained a clue when she was photographed with the evidence of her ‘Sooty Girl do'; and later whisked into the grooming bathroom for a good bath and an ‘after' photograph taken.

Bemused, Georgiana's human mom sent her ‘before' and ‘after ‘photos to various Yahoo Lists and the responses were hilarious. Some thought she just wanted to be a “Smoke Persian” or a “Sooty Chinchilla or Sooty Shaded Persian, and others loved how she was caught in the act and that her human mom was out of her mind to pose Miss Sooty Girl on an antique chair. Like Cinderella, Sooty Girl/Georgiana also received some love notes from besotted Princes around the world, after they viewed her “after” photos on their Mom's computer screens.

A few days later, Georgiana's mom thought it would be a good idea to take a picture of Georgiana at the scene of her escapade…not! After only taking only a couple shots, Georgiana again jumped into the fireplace and of course dirtied herself once again rubbing against the fireplace walls before her mom could catch her. Nevertheless Georgiana, aka Cinderella aka Sooty Girl was very pleased with herself; she knows she is a gorgeous princess even when covered in soot!

Wyndcreste Georgiana
Chinchilla Silver Persian Female
DOB: 8/13/10
Sire: Wyndcreste Viognier
Dam: GC Wyndcreste All That Glitters
Breeder/Owner: Karol Cummins

About the Author

In 1988, after buying her first home, Karol bought her first Chinchilla Silver Persian. First, she wandered the aisles of a local cat show to choose the breed this special cat and fell in love with Chinchilla Silvers with their great big green eyes surrounded by black mascara set against a sparkling white coat. In 1991 Wyndcreste Silver Persians was established with birth of the first litter. Karol has always maintained a very small cattery, but has had the good fortune to consistently breed high quality Silver Persians with a distinctive look.

Karol is an avid breeder and exhibitor having granded 15 cats over the years. CH, GP Wyndcreste Beloved earned the coveted title Distinguished Merit, one of only 16 cats to have earned the title in the Silver and Golden Division.

Karol is a very active promoter of the Silver and Golden Persian. She sat on the board of the United Silver and Golden Fanciers for four years and has always been an active writer, contributor, and photographer for the USGF Quarterly Magazine.

In addition, she is the current webmaster for the USGF Website: Karol showcases her cats on her website, but more importantly the website is loaded with information to educate all levels of visitors about Silver and Golden Persians and Exotics.

Karol served on the board of the Franciscan Silver and Golden Fancier's for 14 years; acted as Co-Show Manager for the profitable 2009 show. In addition, Karol supports the Dixieland Silver and Golden Fanciers' show in North Carolina. In the world of Silver and Golden Persians, Karol is well known for speaking out with fairness, compassion, logic, and reason when controversial issues erupt.

Karol worked for Industrial Light and Magic for ten years and is currently enjoying a break from working and exhibiting. However, she has some kitties waiting in the wings ready to earn the title of Grand Champion!


CH Wyndcreste Special's Extra Edition
Shaded Silver Persian Male
DOB: 5/17/08
Sire: GC Dalee Special Edition of Wyndcreste
Dam: GC Wyndcreste Ritzy Bitzy
Breeder/Owner: Karol Cummins

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