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Articles that include alternative medical practices such as homeopathy, naturopathy, herbal medicine and acupuncture

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  • * Abscess & a Chemical Burn
    Using natural herbs like golden seal and aloe vera, you can help your cat quickly heal following an abscess or a chemical burn.
    March 2001

  • * Acupressure To Bring Your Female Out Of Season
    Learn the acupressure technique you can use to delay breeding your cycling queen.
    July 2005

  • * Acupuncture For Cats
    This alternate therapy based on ancient Chinese principles may prove a good option for cat's problem.
    June 2005

  • * Aloe Vera & Your Cat
    Aloe Vera is often used in alternative medical therapies, including veterinary medicine, but it must be used correctly and with caution when given to a feline...
    January 2018

  • Alternative and Traditional Chinese Medicine For Anorexia and Constipation: Sunny's Story
    This article tells the journey taken by one determined owner to find the answer to her older cat's refusal to eat and difficulty with constipation...
    March 2018

  • * Cancer: One Cat's Story
    A breeder shares how her use of natural herbs and homeopathic drugs helped to fight tumors and cancer in her kitten. Pau d'arco, red clover, essiac tea and shark cartilage were all products she used to help her cat.
    July 2000

  • * Colloidal Silver
    Could this often controversial alternative medicine have a place in your cat's health care? Read more to find out.
    September 2011

  • * Homeopathic Remedies For Breeding Female Cats
    Does your queen sometimes have problems becoming pregnant? Or carrying her litter to term? While there is little scientific research on the effectiveness of homeopathic remedies, an increasing number of veterinarians and breeders have experienced the benefits of using homeopathics in the treatment and care of felines.
    November 2020

  • * Homeopathic Remedies For Cats
    A breeder shares her knowledge of homeopathic remedies for cats, especially for pregnant and nursing queens.
    April 2008

  • * Homeopathy
    Homeopathy is an alternative form of treatment based on the principle of like cures like. It has steady gained more acceptance in traditional veterinary medicine over the years.
    November 2020

  • * Hops
    Hops is a simple herbal remedy that some cat breeders have found useful in controlling or minimizing their female feline's heat periods ...
    June 2019

  • * Laser Light Therapy for Cats
    Veterinarians are increasingly using laser therapy in addition to traditional treatment plans. Learn more about laser therapy and the conditions it can be used to treat . . .
    January 2016

  • * Slippery Elm
    Slippery Elm is a safe, non-toxic herbal remedy that is especially useful for helping cats with digestive upsets or diarrhea ...
    January 2020



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