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  • * Anatomy of a Pregnant Cat
    Every breeder should be able to envision what is going on beneath the surface of their pregnant cat.
    April 2021

  • * Cat's Tongue
    The unique anatomy of the feline tongue is responsible for its sandpaper texture and exceptional sense of taste.
    June 2006

  • Cat's Pupils
    Have you ever wondered why a cat's eyes contract to a vertical slit instead of a circle?
    April 2016

  • * Claws
    All you wanted to know about claws but were afraid to ask...
    April 2019

  • * Cow Hocks
    Cow hocks are a conformation fault of the hind legs. This article includes diagrams, descriptions and protocols for improving the condition.
    October 2021

  • * Cow Hocks In A Kitten
    See photos of a cow hocked kitten and learn about how the condition was improved through diet and exercise.
    October 2021

  • * Crooked Face
    Occasionally, as a kitten develops, the two sides of its face develop at different rates. This may result in what cat judges call a "crooked face". This article discusses this phenomenon using photos...
    April 2012

  • * Double Nails
    Occasionally, a cat will have two nails coming from a single toe. There are several reasons why double nails might occur, but it usually involves an anomaly that occurs during the development of the embryo.
    June 19

  • Hair Apparent
    Cat breeders really care about their cat's coats. Some people might even say cat exhibitors can be obsessive about their cat's hair . . . but do you know what kinds of hair a cat has?
    March 2016

  • * Hear, Kitty, Kitty
    How well does a cat hear? Very well indeed!
    May 2021

  • * Internal Organs of the Cat
    It is helpful for the serious breeder to have a basic knowledge of the placement and relative positioning of the major organs of the cat.
    December 2019

  • * Male Cat's Urinary and Reproductive Systems
    Every cat breeder should know the location and function of the organs associated with the urinary tract and reproduction of the male cat... it may save your cat's life!
    April 2007

  • * Parts of the Cat
    Before you can begin to analyze the structure of your cat, you need to know the names of various parts.
    July 2016

  • * Sexing A Kitten: Part 1
    Determining the sex of a newborn kitten is not always as simple as it sounds. See photos of young male and female kittens and learn what to look for.
    February 2020

  • * Sexing A Kitten: Part 2
    Due to popular demand, this article is a follow-up to Sexing A Kitten: Part 1.
    February 2020

  • * Skeletal System of the Cat
    Understanding the bones of the cat is a useful tool in understanding structure and development of your cat.
    September 2020

  • * Teeth: More Than A Pretty Smile
    Understand the basics of the anatomy & development of your kitten's teeth from babyhood to mature adult.
    October 2003



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