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  • Building A Kitty Condo
    Take a look at these furniture-quality kitty condos!
    July 2021

  • * Cage Materials: What type of material should your cattery cage be made from?
    Whether you are building your own cat cages or purchasing a commercial enclosure, choosing the right materials can make the difference between a cage that you and your cats love and a cage that is a disappointment.
    February 2021

  • * Cage Styles 1: Shape & Proportion
    Even if a breeder maintains their cats running loose in a home environment, there will always be circumstances under which a cat will need to be caged. This article discusses the advantages of the various shapes of cages that are available...
    March 2021

  • * Cage Styles 2: Size
    Once you choose the shape of cage for your cattery, next you need to decide on which size of cage best suits your cats' needs...
    March 2021

  • * Caging Mommy-To-Be
    Pregnant cats should be confined for their own safety and the safety of their newborns.
    March 2017

  • * Setting Up A Cageless Cattery
    What is a cageless cattery? How do you go about making your cattery 'cageless'. Why do most breeders prefer to have a cageless cattery?
    October 2020

  • * To Cage or Not To Cage
    Is caging good or bad? Necessary or shameful?
    October 2020



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