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  • * Clipper Blades: Choosing the Right One For The Job
    Learn how to choose the correct clipper blade for the haircut you want to give your favorite feline.
    July 2019

  • * Clippers: Their Selection and Care
    Clippers are one of the most expensive grooming tools you will purchase for your cats. Choosing the right one and learning how to care for it is a wise investment.
    August 2018

  • * Clipping Your Persian: Choosing A Style
    Clipping your Persian can make it more comfortable in hot weather, shorten bathing/drying time, prevent hair balls and lessen the amount of hair on the furniture. And you have quite a variety of hair clip styles you can choose from.
    August 2003

  • * The Lion Cut
    As we enter the hottest days of summer, many cat owners consider clipping their kitties to make them more comfortable. The most popular, and most variable, feline clip is the "Lion Cut".
    August 2020

  • * The Lion Cut: Unusual Variations
    For those people who like to march to a different drummer, check out these unusual variations of the classic "Lion Cut". . .
    August 2020

  • * Mini-Clippers
    Light, small and inexpensive, mini-clippers make an invaluable addition to your grooming box.
    January 2020

  • Miscommunication
    A Southern cat lover has a slight miscommunication with her Yankee cat groomer...
    January 2006

  • * Selection & Care of Scissors
    A good pair of hair scissors will help you groom your cat to perfection. Learn how to select the best pair for your needs and how to care for them properly.
    July 2016



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