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  • Cat Clubs Around The World
    People who love cats and are passionate about their favorite breed of feline reach out to one another and form cat clubs around the world.
    September 2011

  • Cat Show Entry Fees
    With the increasing costs of putting on a show, many cat clubs feel forced to raise their entry fees to cover costs. Is this the best move for the struggling club to take?
    May 2022

  • * Courting A Sponsor For Your Cat Show
    For a cat club needing funds to help put on a cat show, the support of a corporate sponsor may make the difference between a shoe-string budget and being able to put on a higher quality show.
    July 2018

  • Different Kind of Cat Show
    While high profile dog shows such as Westminster are a regular part of television programming, we don't see cat shows on TV because they are not considered as entertaining to a general audience as a dog show. Could we mimic the successful dog show format
    November 2002

  • * Getting Free Publicity For Your Cat Show
    Having paid spectators come to a cat show is a great way for the cat club to make money to help cover their show expenses. To help get those visitors through the door, a little free publicity can make a huge difference...
    September 2022

  • * Increasing Entries For Your Cat Show
    Here are some ideas for increasing the entries for your cat club's next show....
    January 2019

  • * Money Making Ideas For Your Cat Show
    Putting on a cat show is an expensive proposition, so a cat club needs significant funds to be able to produce a show year after year. Here are tips for helping to fill the club coffers ...
    June 2010

  • * Paper Cat Clubs
    Do you know what is meant by a "paper club"? A paper club is a cat club that exists for the specific purpose of giving the owner of the club a full vote at the CFA Annual meeting. Learn all about paper clubs, how they came about, the power they represent and their influence on the future landscape of CFA...
    May 2011

  • Pleasing The Spectators
    Visitors to a cat show not only contribute to the finances of the cat club but are potential future kitten buyers and breeders. It is in the best interest of the cat fancy to make the spectators' experience at the cat show as enjoyable and memorable as possible. Here are a few suggestions ...
    March 2020

  • Recycling Rosettes
    Great ideas for the re-use or re-purposing of your old show rosettes.
    May 2019

  • Show Is Born
    A photo-essay of setting up for the cat show... from an empty arena to the finished show hall.
    January 2004

  • Show Ring Number Cards
    This article includes downloadable templates for printing sets of show number cards for both CFA and TICA
    March 2020



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