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  • * Cancer Warning Signs
    Recognizing the warning signs of cancer early can aid in early treatment and a more favorable diagnosis
    March 2007

  • * Choosing A Microscope
    An inexpensive student-quality microscope is a smart addition to the cat breeder's medical chest. It can be used to identify parasites such as Coccidia, Giardia, Tritrichomonas foetus and even ringworm.
    November 2010

  • * Choosing A Stethoscope For A Cat Breeder
    Knowing how to use a stethoscope is a simple and useful skill every cat breeder can learn, and purchasing a stethoscope is not an expensive proposition. Here is how to pick the best stethoscope to suit the needs of a cat breeder.
    September 2010

  • * Culture & Sensitivity Test
    If an infection is not responding to the usual antibiotics it may be necessary to perform a culture and sensitivity test to determine the exact strain of bacteria that is causing the problem and the best choice of antibiotic to treat it.
    October 2017

  • * Exercise Intolerance
    If a kitten displays unusual panting after a play time, it may be a symptom of exercise intolerance. Learn more about this warning sign of a possible problem.
    January 2015

  • * Fecal Float Test
    You can easily learn how to do a fecal float - testing your cat's stool for common parasites.
    November 2010

  • * Home Test To Determine If Your Cat Is Dehydrated
    Dehydration can be a life-threatening problem, for both young and adult felines, so every cat breeder should know this simple way to test if your kitty is dehydrated. This article includes a handy chart for evaluating a cat's actual percentage of dehydration.
    February 2017

  • * Hoofbeats
    There is an old expression. "If you hear hoofbeats, look for horses, not zebras". This is a smart philosophy to use when diagnosing health or behavioral problems in your cats. It means you should be looking first for the most likely cause of the problem, and only after that has been ruled out, should you consider other possibilities.
    March 2018

  • * How To Use A Microscope
    Using a microscope is not difficult. In fact, most people become quite skilled after just one session with their new microscope.
    November 2010

  • * How To Use A Stethoscope To Listen To Your Cat's Heart
    Knowing how to use a stethoscope is a simple and useful skill every cat breeder can learn.
    November 2009

  • * Identifying Parasites Under A Microscope
    Learn how to identify parasites that can infest your cat so that you can check your cats for problems yourself.
    November 2010

  • * Necropsy
    A necropsy, also called a post mortem, is an essential tool in determining the cause of death of an animal.
    August 2004

  • * Recognizing Pain In Your Cat
    Most cats are expert at hiding any sign that they are in pain. Learn what to look for that is a symptom that your cat may be in trouble...
    August 2019

  • * Ringworm Testing: Do Your Own Fungal Cultures
    Performing your own ringworm fungal cultures is a relatively easy thing to do and can save you money and heartache in the long run if you suspect ringworm in your cattery. Learn how to test for ringworm at home :-).
    September 2010

  • * Sub-Clinical Infections
    Understanding the impact of sub-clinical infections on the general health of both the individual and the cattery population is an essential part of monitoring the health of the felines in your breeding program.
    May 2011

  • * Taking Your Cat's Temperature
    This photo essay shows you exactly how to take your cat's temperature with a rectal digital thermometer.
    January 2008

  • * Temperature As A Gauge Of Your Cat's Health
    A normal temperature is a critical part of good health for your cat. Learn how monitoring your cat's body temperature will help you take better care of your kitty...
    January 2012

  • * Two Minute Check-Up
    The earlier that you notice a health problem with your cat, the greater the chance it will be something that is easily treatable. It only takes a few minutes to give your cat a medical check-up at home. Learn the Two Minute Check-Up to keep your kitty healthier and save money on veterinary bills.
    March 2019

  • * Understanding Your Cat's Bloodwork
    Bloodwork is often the first step in patient evaluation after a physical exam of your cat. It is very helpful if you understand what your cat's bloodwork may reveal.
    December 2020



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