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  • GP, RW Bejeweled Sterling Silver
    This is the story of two remarkable females—one human and one feline. Pauline Ryan had been breeding and showing cats under the Bejeweled cattery name for almost nine years, but it always seemed like bad luck prevented her from ever granding a cat. Then, in 2013, a lynxpoint Exotic kitten was born in her cattery with a recurring health problem—a prolapsing rectum. Almost everyone told Pauline to put the kitten down—that more surgery would be a waste of money. But Pauline didn't listen to that advice . . .
    September, 2015

  • * CFA Exotic Breed Winners
    This article includes a list of the Exotic Shorthairs entitled to use the prestigious BW title, indicating each has earned the title of Best of Breed in Championship for the year in which it was shown.
    April 2007

  • * CFA Exotic DMs
    Perhaps the most coveted award a cat can earn is the title of Distinguished Merit. Less than 20 Exotics have earned this title in the entire history of CFA.
    June 2002

  • * Color Point Exotic Grands in CFA
    Color Point Exotics present a special challenge to the breeder/exhibitor.
    October 2003

  • GC, BW, NW Dandys Hey Jude of Ivy Cat & GC, GP, NW Ivy Cat Ice Breaker of GR8Katz
    CFA's 8th Best Cat in Championship for 2013-2014 is a cream spotted tabby male Exotic Shorthair named GC, BW, NW Dandy's Hey Jude of Ivy Cat. CFA's 7th Best Cat in Premiership 2013-2014 is a black Exotic Shorthair neuter named GC, GP, NW Ivy Cat Ice Breaker of GR8Katz. This is their story . . .
    June 2014

  • Exotic Grands of Distinction in CFA
    In 2011, CFA instituted a brand new title — the Grand of Distinction. The first cat to earn the new title was Exotic GC, GPD, NW Ivy Cat Quarterback in July 2013. This article tracks the Exotics that have earned this prestigious title to-date.
    October 2016

  • * Exotic National Winners in CFA
    The Winningest Exotics in CFA history!
    September 2002

  • Exotic Shorthair is TICA's 2006 Alter of the Year
    A Copper-eyed white spay earns the top alter spot in TICA for 2006!
    October 2006

  • * Exotics of Bryn Mawr
    For 25 years, Irene and Werner Kachel bred and exhibited outstanding Exotics in CFA. In 1978, Werner began judging and was a popular judge until health reasons forced him to retire in 1996. The progeny of Bryn Mawr Exotics continue to capture the hearts of exhibitors in show halls around the world.
    July 2000

  • First Longhaired Exotic Grand In CFA
    GP Calivan's Party Doll of Davlor is the first Longhaired Exotic to Grand in CFA history!
    August 2009

  • First Pointed Exotic Becomes A National Winner in CFA
    For the first time, a pointed Exotic Shorthair has become a National Winner in CFA. This is his story...
    May 2008

  • First Pointed Exotic Shorthair DM in CFA

    October 2009

  • * Grooming Your Exotic
    With a record of 7 National Winners, 15 Regional Winners, 25 Grands, & 2 DM 'S... (and still counting), Irene and Werner Kachel have been breeding and exhibiting outstanding Exotics in CFA for 25 years. Irene now shares with you her expert show grooming r
    September 2000

  • Guidelines For Registering & Showing Longhaired Exotics In CFA
    CFA has provided guidelines for registering and showing Longhair Exotics beginning with the 2009-2010 show season...
    March 2009

  • Hong Kong's First One Show Grand
    Last month a brown tabby Exotic male became Hong Kong's first one show grand in CFA.
    January 2005

  • GC, BWI, NW HooBee Wakaka
    CFA's Best Cat in the International Division 2016-2017 is a magnificent classic red tabby male Exotic Shorthair from Hong Kong named GC, BWI, NW HooBee Wakaka. Wakaka is bred by Danny Tai & Chris Wong and is owned and campaigned by Danny, Chris & Rhonda Fox. This is their story.
    September 2017

  • GC GPD, NW Ivy Cat Quarterback
    On July 6, 2013, CFA history was made by a brown tabby and white Exotic Shorthair neuter named GC, GPD, NW Ivy Cat Quarterback. Owned by Jan Chambers and bred by Pam DeGolyer, "QB" became the first cat to earn the new CFA title, Grand Of Distinction. This is his story . . .
    August 2013

  • * Jovan Exotics
    Cheryl & Bob Lordich of Jovan Exotics developed a look that took their breed to a new level - including Cat of the Year in 1990 and Kitten of the Year in 1992 in CFA!
    January 2003

  • Joycat Ex: Three National Winning Kittens from China
    2014-2015 was an exciting year for Joycat Ex Exotics in China. Allen Chen and his wife, Angela, campaigned three homebred Exotic kittens to national wins in CFA. This is their story . . . .
    June 2015

  • * CH Mockingbird X-Quiz-It
    View a photo essay showing the development the Exotic female, CH Mockingbird X-Quiz-It, from 4 weeks to one year of age.
    August 2004

  • * Newborn Exotics: Shorthair or Longhair?
    Exotic fanciers have a special challenge that is unique to their breed - How do you tell if those new babies are going to be Shorthairs (Yea!) or Longhairs? Time will tell. But for the more impatient person, there are things you can look for on a newborn
    April 2018

  • GC, BW, NW Tombrock's Chopin
    CFA's 3rd Best Cat in Championship and Best Exotic for 2014-2015 is a magnificent cat from Italy named GC, BW, NW Tombrock's Chopin. "Chopy" is bred by Salvatore Cuccu, Cristina Bertello & Gianni Giordano and owned and shown by Cristina and her husband Cristiano Perillo Marcone. This is their story . . .
    June 2015

  • Two Men and a Little Lady
    The Title Cats for this issue of PandEcats are three Exotics, two littermates and a cousin... LA, SGCA, GP, NW Panei's Whispurr Sweet Secrets and GC, GP, NW Panei's Whispurr Sweet Nothings, and GC, GP, NW Panei's Black Tie Affair. Led by the "Little Lady" in the title, all three zots enjoyed show careers that led to the highest awards in the show ring. It is also the story of the partnership of a generous cat breeder on the west coast and enthusiastic exhibitors on the east coast...
    February 2013

  • * When is a Persian Not a Persian?
    Not all Persians are created equal. A Persian in one cat registry can be a Longhaired Exotic in another... so Buyer Beware (and informed!)
    October 2002



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