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  • Breeder's Journey
    Munira Murrey takes you on a photographic journey showing the steps she took in developing the look of the Missionhill Silver Persians.
    January 2001

  • * Cactusway
    Toni Renzacci, of Cactusway Cattery, was a pioneer of Chocolate and Lilac Persians.
    February 2003

  • * Chestermere
    The Chestermere cattery name is an integral part of the history of the Himalayan. This is their story...
    November 2002

  • * Exotics of Bryn Mawr
    For 25 years, Irene and Werner Kachel bred and exhibited outstanding Exotics in CFA. In 1978, Werner began judging and was a popular judge until health reasons forced him to retire in 1996. The progeny of Bryn Mawr Exotics continue to capture the hearts of exhibitors in show halls around the world.
    July 2000

  • Interview With Diane Caster, Playwickey
    PandEcats.com interviews Diane Castor of Playwickey Himalayans about her career as a cat breeder and exhibitor
    November 2005

  • * Jovan Exotics
    Cheryl & Bob Lordich of Jovan Exotics developed a look that took their breed to a new level - including Cat of the Year in 1990 and Kitten of the Year in 1992 in CFA!
    January 2003

  • * Simbelair
    The cat fancy recently lost one of the Grand Dames of Persians - Lois Weston of Simbelair Cattery fame died last month. She leaves behind an Incredible legacy.
    September 2002



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