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  • * Abscess On The Chin: A Medical Case History
    Follow the development and treatment of an abscess on the chin of a rescued cat...
    January 2016

  • * Amitriptyline Case History
    A breeder shares her experience with the use of the medication, Amitriptylene, to control and eliminate a cat's poor litter box habit.
    November 2017

  • * Amputated Leg
    Follow the story of an Abyssinian kitten who fractured a hind leg in a freak accident and the difficult decision his breeder was forced to make...
    September 2022

  • * Blocked Bladder - Case History
    A photographic essay of a cat with a blocked bladder having the obstruction removed
    September 2020

  • Blocked Bladder - Case History #2
    A breeder tries a different protocal to treat her cat.
    July 2020

  • * Blocked Bladder Case History #3
    A cat experiences an unusual case of a blocked bladder.
    September 2006

  • * Cancer: One Cat's Story
    A breeder shares how her use of natural herbs and homeopathic drugs helped to fight tumors and cancer in her kitten. Pau d'arco, red clover, essiac tea and shark cartilage were all products she used to help her cat.
    July 2000

  • Dreamer... and a Little Faith
    The story of an owner and a cat...and the journey they take together to overcome an incredible medical obstacle...
    May 2006

  • * Enlarging Small Nostrils on a Persian Cat
    More common with Persians and Exotics, any cat breeder can produce a cat with small nostrils. But there is no reason for cats with this problem to suffer. Easy, inexpensive laser surgery can make the cat more comfortable overnight - literally. See the results in before and after photos.
    March 2017

  • Fading Kitten - A Case History
    A breeder shares her experience with Fading Kitten Syndrome.
    March 2022

  • GC, RW Syracoon's KC Masterpiece's Greatest Victory
    This Maine Coon was a star in the show ring, but his greatest win was a successful battle against a vaccine-related fibrosarcoma - an often fatal form of cancer ...
    July 2009

  • Heimdall's Story
    This is the story of a brave kitty, and how his microchip saved his life.
    March 2022

  • * Ingrown Toenail
    If the trimming of a cat's claws is neglected, the result can be a painful ingrown toenail. This article includes a series of photos showing just what can happen if you fail to cut a kitty's nails.
    March 2016

  • Ketoconazole & Ringworm: A Breeder's Experience
    A breeder shares her experience battling Ringworm using the anti-fungal drug, Ketoconazole.
    October 2006

  • * Mastitis Medical Case History #1
    Follow the symptoms and treatment of a young Exotic Shorthair female who develops mastitis after giving birth to a singleton kitten...
    August 2019

  • * Mastitis Medical Case History #2
    This is the case history of an Abyssinian female that developed an unusually fast-acting mastitis infection that required surgery...
    August 2019

  • Microthalmia In A Pixie-Bob Kitten
    Follow the story of a Pixie-Bob kitten born with one eye smaller and less developed than the other....
    November 2019

  • Mite Nightmare
    A breeder tells about her experience with ear and fur mites.
    December 2019

  • * Mother Nature Takes A Wrong Turn
    Follow the intriguing medical case history of two genetic accidents that happened to a Himalayan kitten that produced a very unusual appearance; one that created an unusual eye and one of unusual sexual identification ...
    February 2020

  • * Newborn With Strangled Foot
    A kitten is born with its umbilical cord wrapped around its foot, cutting off the circulation.
    September 2018

  • Over-Grooming In An Abyssinian Cat
    Follow a photo essay showing the damage a cat can inflict upon itself simply by licking and scratching too much...
    April 2016

  • * Pemphigus Foliaceus In An Himalayan Cat
    Follow the story of a young Himalayan and her battle against the skin condition called Pemphigus foliaceus.
    August 2020

  • Pepper's Story
    A kitten recovers from a bizarre eye trauma
    November 2021

  • * Premature Litter Born With Septicemia
    Follow the medical history of a pregnant Bengal queen that gives birth prematurely to a litter of kittens with septicemia.
    June 2020

  • * Prolapsed Rectum in a Cat
    Dr. Leah Montgomery explains her treatment of a 3 month old female Persian kitten who developed a prolapsed rectum, complete with photos.
    October 2016

  • Prolapsed Rectum in an Exotic Kitten
    Follow the detailed medical case history of a 10-week old Exotic Shorthair kitten that experienced a prolapsed rectum that recurred five times. When traditional purse-string surgery failed to correct the problem, the kitten was operated on to actually sew the colon to the body wall . . .
    September, 2015

  • * Rocky Road
    This photographic essay follows the inspirational progress of an unusual injury to the skin of a newborn Abyssinian kitten named Rocky...
    June 2019

  • Scoliosis and Vertebral Fusion In A Cat
    This is the story of an Oriental Shorthair named Shrimpbait who was born with a condition called scoliosis. A twisting and fusing of the bones in her spine left her permanently leaning to the right . . .
    February 2016

  • * Septicemia In A Newborn Kitten
    Follow one breeder's experience in trying to save a litter of kittens with with a suspected case of septicemia...
    june 2020

  • * She Is A He!
    An Abyssinian breeder discovers her kitten has an identity crisis ...
    February 2020

  • * Stitch
    Follow the story of a seven day old kitten who tears the delicate skin on its shoulder and must have it stitched closed ... twice in a single day!
    November 2017

  • Story of Love - and Fear
    A breeder shares her experience with two cats... with cancer.
    October 2004

  • * Sub-Q Abscess Medical Case History
    Two kittens that had been given sub-Q fluids when they were ill and dehydrated, developed abscesses just under the skin at the site of the injection...
    August 2011

  • Sunset Eyes Case History
    Follow in photos the developmental progress of kitten with "sunset eyes"...
    November 2016

  • * Swimmer Syndrome Medical Case Histories In Two Kittens
    See the progress kittens with Swimmer Syndrome can make if promptly given the proper therapy.
    June 2020

  • * Swollen Paw In A Persian Kitten
    This is the medical history of a 5 week old Persian kitten with an abscess of the front paw.
    April 2022

  • * Swollen Paw Medical Case History
    In an unusual medical case, a rescue kitten has a badly swollen paw, but it is neither injured, broken nor abscessed...
    March 2019

  • * Third Eyelid Adhesion Medical Case History
    This article shows photos of a pointed kitten and discusses the medical history that lead to her third eyelid becoming attached to her eyeball ...
    March 2010

  • Tritrichomonas Foetus: Our Cattery's Experience
    An Abyssinian breeder shares her experience with the Tritrichomonas foetus parasite....
    April 2009

  • * Umbilical Cord Infection In A 3-Day Old Kitten
    This article includes photos of a three day old Abyssinian kitten that developed an infection of its umbilical cord and describes its successful treatment ...
    April 2022

  • * Unequal Pupils
    When the eyes have unequal pupils the condition is called Anisocoria and can be caused by a variety of conditions from trivial to life-threatening.
    March 2004

  • * Unusual Hair Loss In A Three Month Old Himalayan Kitten
    A Himalayan kitten amusingly named "G-nome" suddenly and inexplicably begins losing his hair in handfuls at just three month of age . . .
    March 2014



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