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Articles below deal with the actual mating act between a male & female feline...

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  • * Angry Lovers
    Occasionally, a well-planned breeding you are looking forward to takes an unexpected detour when the bride and groom develop a dislike for one another. There are ways you can encourage love to bloom between even the most unco-operative of fiancees. :-)
    November 2014

  • * How To Breed To Get Kittens Of The Sex You Prefer
    Do you want more female kittens in your litter? You can actually breed to increase your chances of getting girls . . . or boys. It is impossible to completely control the sex of the kittens produced in a litter, there are a few things you can do that may tip the scales in favor of producing more kittens of the sex you really want -- including the timing of the actual act of mating between the stud and queen.
    August 2020

  • * Introducing The Stud Cat To The Queen
    Introducing a stud cat to a new female is a relatively easy process, however because there are occasions when there may be a conflict of personalities between the two "soon-to-be-lovers", all introductions should be supervised . . .
    February 2022

  • * Mating Act
    One of the most unusual things the beginning cat breeder learns about is what to expect during a typical male-female feline mating encounter.
    February 2020

  • * Scurf From Being Bred
    A scurf (dry, flakyskin condition) that is unique to cats is the result of the irritation to the skin when it is gripped by the teeth of a male cat as he grabs and holds the female's skin on the back of her neck when mounting and attempting to breed. Learn more...
    November 2018



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