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  • * Albon
    Albon is a useful antibiotic used to treat a wide variety of infections including the digestive problems associated with coccidiosis.
    June 2005

  • * Amikacin
    Amikacin is an antibiotic that is used to treat bacterial infections when more commonly used antibiotics have proven ineffective. Learn when to use this antibiotic and the side effects you will need to watch out for . . .
    August 2014

  • * Amitriptyline
    While amitriptyline was originally developed out of a need in human medicine as an anti-anxiety medication, in cats it is prescribed for conditions such as urinating out of the litter box, spraying and excessive grooming.
    November 2017

  • * Amoxicillin
    Amoxi' is a good broad spectrum antibiotic useful in medicating cats with several conditions including upper respiratory and urinary infections.
    October 2004

  • * Antibiotics Classified
    In an ever-expanding world of new antibiotics, it is helpful to learn the main types and classifications of antibiotics available in feline veterinary medicine ...
    April 2010

  • * Antibiotics For Newborns
    Which antibiotics are best for newborn kittens?
    May 2017

  • * Artificial Tears
    Artificial tears are over-the-counter lubricating eye drops that can be used to treat a cat's dry or irritated eyes...
    April 2011

  • * Aspirin
    Aspirin can be a useful drug to give your cat - or it can create a life-threatening risk.
    September 2004

  • * Baycox
    Baycox is the best drug to fight coccidiosis in a cattery situation. Included in this article are details of the latest dosing protocol and a list of Baycox suppliers.
    November 2020

  • * Baycox Dosing Chart
    A review of the use of Baycox in the treatment of Coccidiosis including a chart to aid with determining the correct dosages to give.
    November 2020

  • * Baytril
    Baytril is a 'big-gun' antibiotic especially useful in the treatment of difficult respiratory infections and chronic urinary infections in the cat.
    November 2004

  • Baytril Warning
    High dosages of Baytril can cause eyesight problems in your cat.
    February 2021

  • * Birth Control Pill For Cats
    Ovaban and Ovarid are more commonly referred to as the feline birth control pill. Both contain a form of synthetic progesterone called megestrol acetate which can be used to manipulate a cat's heat cycle if used with care....
    November 2019

  • * Budesonide
    Budesonide is a corticosteroid developed for use in humans but is now being used as an alternative for management of IBD in cats, especially in severe cases that have failed to respond to treatment with the usual corticosteroids.
    November 2021

  • * Buspar
    The human antidepressant, Buspar, has proven effective at treating cats with behavioral and litterbox issues.
    January 2005

  • * Cephalexin
    Cephalexin is a good broad spectrum antibiotic commonly used in veterinary practice. Learn about its uses, dosing information and precautions.
    April 2005

  • * Cidofovir Eye Drops
    Because Cidofovir drops only require twice daily dosing, it offers a clear advantage over other topical antiviral eye drops that need to be applied much more often.
    January 2015

  • * Clavamox
    Clavamox is a penicillin-like broad spectrum antibiotic used to treat bacterial infections caused by susceptible organisms
    March 2007

  • * Clindamycin
    Clindamycin is a narrow range pet antibiotic most commonly used in the treatment of soft tissue infections, dental infections and bone infections caused by susceptible strains of bacteria.
    September 2018

  • * Common Drugs & Their Dosages
    Here is a handy chart with the use and dosages of many of the most common drugs that a cat breeder should have in their favorite medical kit ...
    September 2009

  • * Convenia
    Convenia is an injectable antibiotic that in one shot can take the place of giving an oral antibiotic for twice a day for 14 days. Learn more...
    March 2012

  • * Corticosteroids: Friend Or Foe?
    Corticosteroids are a group of medications invaluable to the modern veterinarian. Sometimes considered a magic bullet, this group of medications can produce serious side effects if used indiscriminately.
    June 2013

  • * Cyproheptadine
    Cyproheptadine is an antihistamine that can also be used as an appetite stimulant.
    February 2007

  • * Dopram
    A few drops of this medication may save your newborn kitten by helping it take its first breath.
    September 2021

  • * Doxycycline
    Doxycycline is a broad spectrum antibiotic that is part of the tetracycline family. Doxycycline penetrates the cell tissues better than many other antibiotics.
    July 2014

  • * Drugs? Mexico Style
    There are considerable savings and advantages that cat breeders can enjoy by traveling to Mexico to purchase some of the medications commonly used for the continued good health and maintenance of cats in a breeding program. You can even order drugs online.
    November 2000

  • * Epinephrine
    Epinephrine is primarily used to treat anaphylactic shock - a severe allergic reaction to an allergen such as an vaccine, an antibiotic or an insect bite. Learn more about why this drug is an important part of the cat breeder's emergency kit ...
    February 2010

  • * Expiry Dates
    Medications, vaccines, diet supplements - they all have expiration dates that you need to take note of and respect.
    July 2017

  • * Eye Medications
    A discussion of the options available in medications to promote healing of eye ulcers, sequestrums and other problems that can affect the eye.
    September 2003

  • * Famciclovir
    Famciclovir is currently thought to be the most effective and safest medication for the treatment of a Feline Herpesvirus-1 breakout, especially in a cattery situation. Learn the proper dosage and dosing protocol for this once-a-day medication . . .
    January 2015

  • * Fenbendazole
    Under the brand name Panacur, Fenbendazole is a widely used medication against Giardia in cats.
    January 2007

  • * Fish Amoxi For Cats
    A visit to your local pet store may hold the answer to an inexpensive, prescription-free source of amoxicillin for your cat.
    February 2004

  • * Flagyl
    Flagyl (Metronidazole) is a useful antibiotic against a wide range of conditions including Giardia, diarrhea and some upper respiratory infections.
    November 2004

  • * Fluconazole / Diflucan
    Fluconazole is an antifungal drug that is effective against both yeast and fugal infections, including ringworm. It has fewer side effects than most other antifungals. Learn more . . .
    June 2014

  • * Fluid Replacement Solutions
    One of the essential techniques a cat breeder should be aware of is the use of subcutaneous fluid therapy to provide supportive care to a dehydrated feline.
    October 2004

  • * Fucithalmic Vet Eye Drops/Gel
    This slow release, antibiotic eye drop/gel is receiving raves from many cat owners who have battled infections unsuccessfully with other products. Learn more about this eye medication.
    March 2013

  • * Gentocin Eye & Ear Drops
    Gentamicin is used to treat bacterial infections of the eye and ear.
    January 2005

  • * Griseofulvin
    This ringworm medication should be used with care. Learn how to use it most effectively to control and eliminate fungus.
    December 2004

  • * Hexa-Caine
    To help soothe irritations of the skin and to discourage the cat from licking and chewing at itself, consider adding Hexa-Caine to your medicine chest.
    September 2013

  • * Hydrogen Peroxide
    Hydrogen Peroxide can be a useful addition to the cat breeders first aid kit, grooming box and cleaning supplies. Learn some of the many uses of this versatile chemical ...
    June 2010

  • * Interferon
    The use of interferon in veterinary medicine is expanding as a treatment for FeLv, FIP, FIV and more...
    November 2019

  • Ivermectin Dosing
    Lorraine Shelton of Featherland shares the latest dosing information for the use of Ivermectin to treat ear mites, body mites and roundworms.
    July 2004

  • Kaopectate Warning
    Kaopectate, a favorite medicine to prevent diarrhea, has undergone a formula change that may be deadly to your cat.
    January 2004

  • * Ketoconazole
    Ketoconazole, brand name Nizoral, is an anti-fungal drug that can be used in the battle against ringworm.
    October 2006

  • * Mal-A-Ket Shampoo
    Mal-A-Ket Shampoo is manufactured by by DermaPet. It is an antifungal, antibacterial, deodorizing and degreasing shampoo.
    June 2014

  • * Medications For Inflammatory Bowel Disease
    Corticosteroids are the cornerstone of treatment for inflammatory bowel disorders (IBD) in cats but may be used in combination with other drugs. This article looks at the most common drugs used to treat IBD . . .
    August 2022

  • * Metacam
    Metacam is the brand name for meloxicam, a drug often prescribed as a pain reliever for cats and dogs. While it does provide powerful pain relief, Metacam can have serious side effects in cats. Learn more.
    August 2010

  • * Nebulizer Formulas
    Several variations on the basic medication formulas for use with your nebulizer. Nebulizing is an excellent way of giving medication to a sick cat, especially one suffering from respiratory problems.
    January 2020

  • Off-Label Use of Medications in Cats
    "Off-label" refers to the use of pharmaceutical drugs for an unapproved species, unapproved condition or in an unapproved age group, unapproved dosage, or unapproved form of administration.
    January 2015

  • * Orbax
    Orbax is a broad-spectrum antibiotic used for the treatment of urinary, skin and soft tissue infections in cats...
    April 2012

  • * Oxygen Therapy For Sick Kittens & Cats
    Oxygen therapy for cats is a form of treatment that delivers a controlled level of oxygen to the feline, usually because the kitty is struggling to breathe normally.
    July 2022

  • * Oxytocin
    Learn when to use oxytocin to help your pregnant queen deliver her kittens safely.
    February 2020

  • * Pain Medication For Surgery
    Until relatively recently, pain medications were thought to be unnecessary for cats recovering from surgery. Medical opinion on providing animals with post-surgical pain pain medication has begun to change however, so should you or shouldn't you request pain medication for your cat following surgery?
    January 2011

  • * Penicillin for Cats
    Penicillin is an effective, broad-spectrum antibiotic used to treat a wide variety of bacterial infections in cats.
    July 2015

  • * Pill? Liquid? Or Injection?
    Most cat owners dread having to give kitty any medicine. If you have the choice between giving a pill, a liquid or an injectable, which form of medication is best? Which should you choose?
    March 2014

  • Polyprenyl Immunostimulant
    Polyprenyl Immunostimulant reduces the severity of clinical signs resulting from feline herpesvirus infection in cats eight weeks of age or older.
    March 2022

  • * Ponazuril
    Similar to Baycox in its action, Ponazuril is used off-label to treat and kill coccidia in cats. This article details treatment protocols including how to use Ponazuril as a preventative against future infections of Coccidia . . .
    December 2014

  • * Prednisolone & Prednisone
    Prednisone is a medication that is used to combat a wide variety of disease conditions in cats ...
    June 2020

  • * Ronidazole
    Ronidazole is the off-label medication used against the Tritrichomonas foetus parasite that can be a cause of diarrhea, especially in young cats....
    April 2009

  • * Safe Drugs For Pregnant Cats
    Do you know which medications are safe to give to your pregnant cat? And which drugs may pose a potential harm to her kittens?
    May 2019

  • * Sporonox
    Sporonox is an important medication to consider in the fight against ringworm (fungus) in the cat.
    July 2005

  • * Steroids
    Steroids are valuable medications in feline medicine - but they must be used wisely to avoid serious side effects...
    April 2016

  • * Tetracycline
    Tetracycline is a broad spectrum antibiotic useful in the treatment of feline upper respiratory infections, chlamydia and urinary infections ...
    March 2010

  • * Tribrissen
    Tribrissen (Trimethoprim Sulfa) is both an antibiotic and antiprotozoal that cat breeders may find useful in combating a variety of infections and coccidia.
    August 2005

  • * Trifluridine Eye Drops
    Trifluridine antiviral eye drops are used in the treatment of eye conditions caused by feline herpesvirus-1 infections. Learn more . . .
    January 2015

  • * Vitamin B-12
    B-12 is an essential vitamin for all felines. In a cattery situation, B-12 is useful to help stimulate appetite, promote milk production in pregnant queens and growth in kittens. It can even aid in recovery from respiratory infections. Learn more.
    September 2017

  • * Zeniquin
    Zeniquin is a longer-acting antibiotic that you might want to consider when treating skin or soft tissue infections.
    June 2013

  • * Zithromax Dosages
    Zithromax is an excellent antibiotic choice for a variety of medical problems including URIs, Chlamydia and Bordetella.
    May 2002

  • * Zithromax Dosing Schedules
    Zithromax remains at effective levels in the cat for 3-5 days, so 'Zith' can be given less often than is usual for an antibiotic and still be effective.
    May 2002



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