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  • IW RW SGC GC Boraines Sensation
    PandEcats is honored to present our first featured cat from TICA! Enjoy the story of 'Saysha', a stunning blue cream who became her co-owners' first National Winning kitty.
    August 2001

  • * Colors of the Particolor Division
    The smallest Division of Persians is an all girls club. Come see the four colors that make up the 'Parti' Girls.
    November 2002

  • IW SGC Dark Angel De Longua Aqua
    TICA's Cat of the Year 2015 is IW SGC Dark Angel De Longua Aqua.This stunning black tortie Persian from France was bred by Joel and Catherine Renaudin and is owned by Nathalie Decuzzi of Maneki Love cattery.Nathalie also campaigned a nine-year-old Blue Tortie & White Persian Spay named IW SGCA Altesse du Nid Douillet to TICA's 17the Best Alter of the Year. This is their story . . .
    August 2015

  • * GC, GP, NW Mystichill Mighty High
    A photo essay features GC, GP, NW Mystichill Mighty High, a triple national winner - as a kitten, a whole cat and as a spay!
    June 2004

  • * Particolor National Winners in CFA
    The winningest 'Parti Girls' in CFA History
    November 2002

  • * Particolor Persian DMs
    This is a list of the Parti Girls in CFA who have earned the breeding title of Distinguished Merit!
    April 2005

  • * Particolor Breed Winners in CFA
    This well researched listing of the Particolor Persian Breed Winners in CFA includes all the cats who are entitled to add the BW in front of their names.
    September 2007

  • Particolor Persian Grands of Distinction in CFA
    In 2011, CFA instituted a brand new title the Grand of Distinction. This article tracks the Particolor Persians that have earned this prestigious title to-date, separated by year, and listed alphabetically . . .
    January 2017

  • Way We Were: CFA 1958 (Part 5) - Red Tabbies and Tortoiseshells, Part 2
    Learn about the history of tortoiseshells of the past in CFA...
    February 2009



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