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Articles that will help you tempt your cat's appetite when it is reluctant to eat...

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  • * Feline Rebound
    This product is specially formulated for the cat who is not eating or drinking properly.
    November 2018

  • * Force Feeding A Cat
    If your cat stops eating for more than 48 hours, it is imperative that it receive nutrition or risk developing liver disease. Learning some simple techniques of force feeding a kitty may save it from developing a serious health problem.
    May 2020

  • * Hill's A/D
    Hill's Prescription Diet a/d is a canned food that should be in every cat breeder's cupboard for those times when a kitten or cat requires appetite stimulation or nutritional support when seriously ill or recovering from surgery.
    August 2015

  • * Increasing A Cat's Water Intake
    Dehydration is a serious condition and must not be ignored. If your cat is not drinking enough water, there are simple steps you can take to increase its water comsumption...
    July 2021

  • Meat Concentrate
    Janice Reichle of Diadem Silvers shares her recipe for making a beef broth that is a high nutrition life-saver for an ill cat who will not eat.
    May 2021

  • * Stimulating Appetite
    Is your cat a picky eater? Does your show cat need more weight? Here are a few tips to help pack pounds on your kitty or help the kitty that is eating poorly.
    March 2016

  • * Tube Feeding The Older Kitten or Cat
    Once an older kitten or adult cat stops eating, if you are unable to give it nourishment either by tempting it with tasty treats or by force feeding, it becomes necessary to tube feed the feline to avoid liver damage. With a few differences, you can actually tube feed an older kitty using a technique similar to tube feeding a newborn kitten. In extreme cases, a kitty may need to have its feeding tube implanted surgically.
    June 2021

  • * When Weaning Kittens Won't Eat
    At weaning time occasionally a kitten will be totally uninterested in trying solid food. What can you do to encourage the kitten to eat?
    June 2017



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