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  • * Acupressure To Bring Your Female Out Of Season
    Learn the acupressure technique you can use to delay breeding your cycling queen.
    July 2005

  • * Birth Control Options
    A cat breeder may not always want to breed a female each time she comes into season, yet allowing a female to have repeated heats without breeding can risk her health. The solution is to suppress her heat cycles. Learn about the optionsavailable to the cat breeder to control the cycling of a queen.
    February 2021

  • * Birth Control Pill For Cats
    Ovaban and Ovarid are more commonly referred to as the feline birth control pill. Both contain a form of synthetic progesterone called megestrol acetate which can be used to manipulate a cat's heat cycle if used with care....
    November 2019

  • * Four Stages Of Estrus
    As the breeding season starts to gain momentum, the time is ideal to review the four stages of estrus...
    April 2020

  • * Herd Of Queens
    One of the best ways of housing the female cats in a breeding program is not by keeping them in cages instead, consider keeping the queens in a group that have free run of your home. By allowing the girls to have a pet-kitty lifestyle, your queens will be happier and healthier and their condition will be reflected in the kittens that they produce . . .
    September 2020

  • * Hops
    Hops is a simple herbal remedy that some cat breeders have found useful in controlling or minimizing their female feline's heat periods ...
    June 2019

  • How Often Should A Cat Be Bred?
    Breeders must consider the health and happiness of a cat when deciding how often it can be bred.
    May 2020

  • * Light & Heat Cycles
    You can use light to encourage your female cat to come into season -- or to discourage her from cycling. This article tells you how.
    June 2022

  • * Menopause and the Cat
    With the exception of elephants, killer whales and pilot whales, no mammal species undergoes menopause other than humans. This means that cats do not experience menopause. Despite this, there are changes in a female cat's reproductive health and productivity as she ages.
    September 2021

  • * Silent Heat
    Occasionally a female cat will be in heat, but show none of the telltale behaviors. When a queen displays no sign of being in season, she is said to be in a 'silent heat'. Learn how even a queen in silent heat can be successfully bred.
    September 2020

  • * Virgin Queen
    Every female cat starts out as a virgin queen. This article discusses the things the cattery owner needs to know to help the virgin queen become a successful breeding cat...
    January 2018



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