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  • * Ants
    With summer comes sunny warm weather and sometimes... ants! Learn how to eliminate these pesky insects without endangering the health of your cats.
    July 2022

  • * Avoid Being Bitten
    Cat bites can be painful as well as dangerous, but you can avoid being bitten if you take the right precautions . . .
    September 2014

  • Biospot - NOT for cats
    Biospot is a topical flea and tick medication that can be toxic to cats!
    March 2004

  • Birds Of Prey vs Your Cat
    If your cat goes outside, even occasionally, there may be a danger you have not considered... a bird of prey!
    October 2015

  • Brush: Loose Cat, Lost Cat
    Loose in the show hall... an open door allows a frightened cat to escape.
    December 2002

  • Cat Toy Warning
    Your cat may love his favorite mouse toy... but his favorite toy can also be lethal.
    June 2002

  • Cat-Proofing The Christmas Tree
    Sadly, my plan for the Christmas tree is often at odds with my cat's plan?
    December 2018

  • * Cat-Proofing Window Screens
    Warm weather often means opening windows to let in the fresh air, but you cannot rely on standard window screens to stop a determined cat from responding to the call of the great outdoors . . . or to prevent a love-sick outdoor feline from trying to beak in to romance your girls. Learn some of the tricks you can use to keep your cats safe.
    June 2016

  • * Chocolate Is Bad For Cats
    Yummy chocolate! It's a staple treat in most households for the holidays... but it can be toxic, even lethal, to the family cat. And some chocolate poses a greater danger than others.
    December 2007

  • Dangers In The Home
    Whether you have a new kitten or an older cat, you will need to "baby-proof" your home to make it safe for your feline family...
    January 2022

  • Easter Dangers To Your Cat
    Each year hundreds of cats become seriously ill as a result of their family's Easter festivities, so keep your feline safe by being aware of the common dangers that Easter can pose.
    April 2020

  • * Expiry Dates
    Medications, vaccines, diet supplements - they all have expiration dates that you need to take note of and respect.
    July 2017

  • FDA Warning
    The Food and Drug Administration is warning veterinarians and pet owners, particularly cat owners, of the possible risk of fractures with the Vet Jet^(TM) transdermal vaccination system device.
    September 2011

  • Flurbiprofen Warning
    Several cats owned by people who used a topical cream containing Flurbiprofen have died. Flurbiprofen cream is used to reduce pain associated with arthritis or injury. Learn more . . .
    May 2015

  • * Foods That Are A Feline No-No
    Many of the foods in your own kitchen are a danger to your cat, causing everything from a mildly upset tummy to possible fatal conditions.
    November 2021

  • Halloween Safety
    It is Halloween time . . . and while you are buying the candy, designing a costume and carving the jack-o-lantern, don't forget to take a few minutes to make sure your cats are safe and protected.
    November 2016

  • Holiday Stress
    The holidays put a lot of stress on everyone involved... including the feline family members...
    December 2008

  • * How To Avoid a Holiday Catastrophe
    At the same time as I am reveling in the holiday splendor, I remain aware that December presents some rather unique dangers for my cats. So here is my personal list of potential hazards and some of my own solutions to minimize holiday problems.
    December 2000

  • * ICE: In Case of Emergency
    Do you have an 'In Case of Emergency' plan in place that protects and cares for your cats if something should happen to you on the way to a show? While at home? This article shows you exactly what you need to do.
    May 2017

  • * Keeping Kitty Cool At The Cat Show
    When the thermometer shoots skyward during the summer months, a few precautions are necessary to make sure your feline star is comfortable at the cat show.
    August 2022

  • Keeping Kitty Out Of The Christmas Tree
    Whether you consider your cat just a bit mischeivious or downright destructive, scaling the Christmas tree must be discouraged. Here is an interesting selection of ways to keep kitty from making that ultimate yuletide climb ...
    December 2010

  • Kitten Missing From The Hotel Room!
    An exhibitor shares her experience at finding her Ocicat kitten missing from her show hotel room....
    August 2022

  • Kitty Safe July 4th
    July 4th is a favorite holiday across America. Let's make sure it is also a safe holiday for the feline family members...
    July 2017

  • Lethal Lilies
    With the Easter holiday fast approaching, every cat owner must be alert to the fact that Easter lilies are toxic to cats.
    April 2004

  • Medical Information Via Microchips
    A new microchip implanted into your cat can actually tell you its temperature!
    April 2006

  • Microchip Safety
    A review of a old research papers suggests that lab mice and rats have a risk of cancer developing at the site of microchip implants. Should this concern breeders and owners who microchip their cats?
    July 2008

  • * Microchipping Your Cat
    Microchipping is a permanent, safe and affordable way of ensuring that your cats are individually identified.
    April 2017

  • Minoxidil
    Minoxidil can be lethal to your cat!
    September 2005

  • Pets 911
    In a veterinary emergency, this is a link to your nearest Emergency Veterinary Hospital.
    November 2006

  • * Plants, Poisons, and Other Dangers To Your Cat
    There are many products, plants and common household objects that can pose a danger to your cats. has compiled three extensive lists of dangers that you must be aware of in order to safeguard your cat.
    November 2000

  • Potpourri
    Beware of potpourri - it can kill your cat!
    February 2020

  • * Preventing Cats From Chewing Wires
    Not only can chewing and biting electrical cords result in terrible harm to your cat, including burns, electric shock or death, it can lead to a house fire. In this article, you'll find a number of handy suggestions aimed at preventing your cats from chewing wires and cords in the home . . .
    April 2014

  • * Protect Yourself
    Exercise some common-sense precautions to protect yourself and your kitties from the possible dangers that some prospective 'buyers' may present
    March 2006

  • * Reporting Adverse Reactions To Vaccines or Drugs
    If your cat has a bad reaction to a vaccine injection or medication , it is important that you report it to the relevant parties in order to try to minimize the problem happening to another animal.
    June 2020

  • * Safety In The Hotel Room
    Even a five star hotel room can pose a danger to your cat. Learn how to cat-proof your hotel room to make your stay enjoyable and safe for your feline roommate.
    February 2020

  • Tea Tree Oil Warning
    Tea Tree Oil poisoning have been reported in both cats and dogs when applied to the skin at too high a dose.
    August 2002

  • Tips To A Safe Halloween For Your Cat
    Halloween can be a dangerous time for the family feline. Learn the top tips for keeping your kitty safe.
    October 2008

  • * Velcro Collars For Kittens
    One of the most popular methods of IDing newborns is by putting different colors of velcro collars on them right at birth. If using a velcro collar on kitten, you MUST put it on correctly or you may endanger the kitten's life. Learn the do's and don't's of using a velcro collar on your kittens.
    June 2015



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