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  • Bathing Your Silver or Golden Persian For Show
    Pamela Martin of Castle Paws Silvers & Goldens shares her show grooming routine from start to finish!
    April 2006

  • Blue Silver & Blue Golden Persians Accepted For Championship Status In CFA
    CFA has accepted the Dilute Blue Silver/Golden Persians....
    February 2009

  • Blue Silver & Blue Golden Persians Accepted In CFA
    At last! CFA has accepted the Blue Silver/Golden Persian colors for championship status...
    May 2009

  • Breeder's Journey
    Munira Murrey takes you on a photographic journey showing the steps she took in developing the look of the Missionhill Silver Persians.
    January 2001

  • Castegate's Blue Falcon: History Maker
    Breed history was made on December 11th, 2011 when GC Castlegate's Blue Falcon became the first Blue Golden Persian to earn his Grand Champion title in CFA.
    January 2012

  • GC, BW, NW Castlegate Puff The Magic Dragon
    We want to wish congratulations to the first national winning Persian from the Silver/Golden division in a decade in CFA....
    June 2009

  • GC, BWR, NW Castlegate`s Toy Soldier of AOL
    A gorgeous silver male Persian named GC, BWR, NW Castlegate’s Toy Soldier of AOL is CFA 19th Best Cat In Championship 2016-2017. Owned by Barbara Bosco & Olivier Grin, bred by Barbara Bosco and Linda Rogge, Toy was shown by Barbara through two successful campaigns. This is their story.
    October 2017

  • * Colors of the Silver/Golden Division
    The ethereal beauty of a Silver Persian is matched by the stunning warmth of their Golden division-mates.
    May 2002

  • Golden Girl
    For the first time in the history of CFA, a Golden is Best of Breed in the Silver/Golden division of Persians!
    May 2005

  • Grooming The Silver & Golden
    Janice Reichle of Diadem Silvers shares the grooming routine that propelled the Diadem silvers to the great heights in the show ring.
    June 2018

  • Inhibited Kitty Colors
    An intriguing photographic essay demonstrating the colors of a Shaded Black, Masked Silver and more...
    November 2006

  • * Inhibitor Gene
    The inhibitor gene is responsible for the Silvers, Shaded, Smokes and the Silver Tabbies of the cat world. This article gives a general overview of the gene's action that produces these lovely colors...
    September 2019

  • * Making A Golden From Scratch
    Munira Murrey shares with you her personal 'recipe' for producing a Golden Persian.
    August 2000

  • GC, RW Missionhill Fait Accompli
    Accompli is the culmination of many years of selective breeding, combining a cream CPC and a black Persian with the Missionhill silver lines. What is remarkable about him is that in spite of having extreme Persian type he still retains the distinctive expression of the silver Persian.
    November 2000

  • * Missionhill Cattery
    When building an indoor cattery there were many factors to be considered. Enjoy a tour of the Missionhill cattery along with detailed construction tips.
    October 2019

  • * Platinum Beginnings
    The story of Silver Persian kittens who turn to Golden as adults.
    March 2003

  • * Shaving Your Cat's Nose
    Exhibitors of well-presented Silvers and Goldens and tabbies take care that the mascara on their cat's nose leather is not obscured by hair along the edge of the nose leather. The best way of emphasizing good nose mascara is by shaving the hairline around it.
    March 2020

  • * Silver & Golden Persian DMs in CFA
    A list of Silver & Goldens in CFA who have earned the prestigious breeding title of Distinguished Merit
    February 2005

  • * Silver & Golden Persians
    Janice Reichle of Diadem Silver Persians discusses the origins and challenges of breeding and exhibiting in the Silver & Golden division.
    July 2004

  • Silver Is Precious: Part 1
    Janice Reichle tells of story of the development of Diadem silver Persians and in the telling also traces the progress of the silver Persian from its beginnings.
    May 2008

  • Silver Is Precious: Part 2
    This is the second in a 4-part series tracing the development of the Silver Persian through the eyes of Janice Reichle of Diadem Silvers. Part 2 discusses the prominent breeders and cats of the 1970s.
    May 2008

  • Silver Is Precious: Part 3
    This is the third in a 4-part series tracing the development of the Silver Persian through the eyes of Janice Reichle of Diadem Silvers. Part 3 discusses breeding techniques...
    July 2008

  • Silver Is Precious: Part 4
    This is the final installment of a 4-part series tracing the development of the Silver Persian through the eyes of Janice Reichle of Diadem Silvers.
    July 15

  • * Silver National Winners in CFA
    The Silver National Winners in CFA.
    May 2003

  • * Silver Persian Breed Winners in CFA
    This well researched listing of the Silver and Golden breed winners in CFA includes a photo of the first cat to earn the BW title in the division, GC, BW Gray-Ivy Keepsake of Silver Paws, a chinchilla silver female.
    July 2007

  • Silver Persian Grands of Distinction
    In 2011, CFA instituted a brand new title -- the Grand of Distinction. The first (and only to-date) Silver/Golden to become a Grand of Distinction was a Shaded Silver neuter called GPD, RW Ladydi Romeo.
    July 2017

  • Silver Persians: You've Come A Long Way Baby! Part 1
    This is the first of a three part series by Janice Reichle of Diadem telling the story of the development of the silver Persian in the US in the 1950s.
    August 2008

  • Silver Persians: You've Come A Long Way Baby! Part 2
    This is the second of a three part series by Janice Reichle of Diadem telling the story of the development of the silver Persian in the US in the 1950s.
    September 2008

  • Silver Persians: You`ve Come A Long Way, Baby! Part 3
    The third part in the series about the development of the silver Persian in the US.
    October 2008

  • * Silver Roots: Part 1
    The first in a three part series on the beginnings of the Silver Persian.
    January 2003

  • * Silver Roots: Part 2
    Part 2 of the history of the Silver Persian.
    February 2003

  • * Silver Roots: Part 3
    The final article in the series detailing the history of Silver Persians.
    February 2003

  • GC, RW SimbaKui Evolutionary Design
    This is the story of a silver Persian kitten who campaigned for a national win . . . and missed by less than 22 points. GC, RW SimbaKui Evolutionary Design was CFA's Best Silver/Golden Persian kitten, 3rd Best Allbreed Kitten in the Southern Region, and 30th Best Allbreed Kitten for the 2013-2014 show season.

  • Singing The Blues
    Blue Silvers and Blue Goldens are stunning colors of Persians that are seeking to progress from AOV to championship status in CFA.
    March 2006

  • * Summer of Fire & Ice
    Enjoy a journey detailing the first appearance of the Blue Golden Persian.
    June 2003

  • * Tarnishing
    Tarnishing can occur in any cat that is a silver or silver tabby. Tarnish is a browning or yellowing of areas of the silver coat, the result of incomplete clearing of color by the inhibition gene....
    March 2009

  • Tiffanie
    The Tiffanie is a developing breed which originated with the crossing of a Silver Persian and a Burmese.
    December 2006

  • Traditional Style Persians Accepted By The World Cat Federation
    Traditional Longhair Silver and Golden, Shaded and Tipped Persians have been accepted by the World Cat Federation as a new international cat breed!
    September 2010

  • GC, RW Ultamint's Calinda of La Cattique
    CFA's Best Shaded Silver for 2012-2013 is a stunning girl named GC, RW Ultamint's Calinda of La Cattique. With her huge green eyes, glorious pale coat and striking expression, Calinda was CFA Great Lakes Region's 24th Best Cat as well as 2nd Best of Breed in the Silver & Golden Division 2012-2013.
    October 2013

  • * Very Early Golden
    This is the early history of Silver & Golden Persians
    August 2004

  • Way We Were: CFA 1959 (Part 6) - Cats of Yesteryear - Masked Silver
    A trip back to the cats of yesteryear reveals the history of the Masked Silver Persians....
    June 2009



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