Skeletory Issues

Issues relating to the skeleton of the cat...

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  • * Arthritis and Your Cat
    Although cats do not develop many orthopedic problems, they can suffer from arthritis. Learn the suble symptoms to watch for that will alert you that your cat may have a problem and learn the best treatmentoptions that are available.
    December 2017

  • * Femoral Head Fractures In Cats
    The top of the femur bone in the hind leg of a cat forms the ball of the hip joint. In kittens, the head of the bone has a growth plate. This growth plate is susceptible to developing fractures or breaks, especially in large breed kittens. Learn more about how you can minimize the risk of your kitten suffering such a fracture . . .
    March 2015

  • * Hip Dysplasia
    At one time, it was thought that cats were not affected by hip dysplasia. We know know better. Learn the symptoms and treatment for this painful condition.
    December 2018

  • * Luxated Patellas
    A luxated patella is a genetically transmitted condition that causes the knee cap to slip out of position when the joint is moved, usually resulting in lameness.
    September 2019

  • Scoliosis and Vertebral Fusion In A Cat
    This is the story of an Oriental Shorthair named Shrimpbait who was born with a condition called scoliosis. A twisting and fusing of the bones in her spine left her permanently leaning to the right . . .
    February 2016

  • * Skeletal System of the Cat
    Understanding the bones of the cat is a useful tool in understanding structure and development of your cat.
    September 2020

  • * Tail Kink X-Rays
    Have you ever seen x-rays of cat tails that are kinked?
    October 2005

  • * Tail Kink: How To Detect One
    Do you know how to feel for a kink in your kitten's tail? Learn the correct procedure...
    July 2020

  • * Tail Kinks
    A tail kink can end a cat's show career. How does it affect its breeding possibilities?
    April 2020



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