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  • * Anal Sac Problems In Your Cat
    Learning how to express your cat's anal sacs is easy and may help avoid a future medical problem.
    January 2018

  • * Chin Acne and Stud Tail
    Learn the best treatments to eliminate these irritating skin conditions.
    September 2020

  • * Dry Nose In Cats
    A healthy cat's nose can vary between wet and dry several times over the course of a day. But a dry, flaky or crusty nose in a kitty is a sign for concern.
    April 2022

  • * Evaluating Skin Conditions
    Learn how to use your sennes of touch, smell and vision to evaluate the condition of your cat's skin and coat.
    November 2007

  • * Hair Complicates Everything
    If your cat is experiencing any type of skin problem, the situation will amost always improve if the hair is clipped, trimmed or shaved.
    February 2021

  • * Itchy Skin Problems
    Perhaps one of the most frustrating problems a cat owner can be faced with is the cat that scratches for no apparent reason...
    October 2019

  • * Mite Fight
    Sometimes referred to as Walking Dandruff, fur mites are often the reason for excessive scratching and skin eczemas. Often misdiagnosed as a food allergy, learn how to tell when your cat might have a mite problem and how easily it can be dealt with.
    November 2019

  • * Pemphigus Foliaceus In An Himalayan Cat
    Follow the story of a young Himalayan and her battle against the skin condition called Pemphigus foliaceus.
    August 2020

  • * Pemphigus Foliaceus In Cats
    Pemphigus foliaceus is a severe autoimmune disorder that is characterized by pustules and scabs on the skin. Learn the best treatments for this unusal disease ...
    August 2020

  • * ProMagic Powdered Cottage Cheese
    To improve coat and skin you may want to try adding this food supplement to your cat's normal diet.
    October 2005

  • Rodent Ulcer Medical Case History
    Follow the treatment of a Exotic Shorthair neuter that developed a severe rodent ulcer.
    October 2014

  • * Rodent Ulcers
    Have you ever had a cat develop a small red sore on its lip? It was probably a rodent ulcer. Learn what to do and how to prevent it from reoccurring again. . .
    October 2014

  • * Scurf
    Scurf is the word used to describe a scaly or shredded dry skin condition on your cat.
    March 2018

  • * Scurf From Being Bred
    A scurf (dry, flakyskin condition) that is unique to cats is the result of the irritation to the skin when it is gripped by the teeth of a male cat as he grabs and holds the female's skin on the back of her neck when mounting and attempting to breed. Learn more...
    November 2018

  • Stud Tail Remedy
    An exhibitor shares her experience with using a grooming pre-cleaning creme to help cure her cat's stud tail.
    August 2005

  • * Sunburned
    Just like people, your cat can get sunburned. And just like people, too much sun can lead to skin cancer. You need to protect your cat from excessive sun exposure for both its health and comfort...
    July 2020

  • * Rodent Ulcer In A Nursing Queen
    Jasmine Alexander of Snobelle Chinchilla Persians shares her story of treating a rodent ulcer on the lip of a cat that was still nursing a litter of kittens.
    July 2020



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