Eye Stains

Is your show cat stained and you don't know what to do?
Here's the information you need to present your cat in immaculate condition

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  • * Bleaching Stains: The Art of the Paste, Part 1
    This is the first in a two-part article describing how to prepare and apply a simple paste to remove yellow stains from the white coat of your show cat.
    November 2021

  • * Bleaching Stains: The Art of the Paste, Part 2
    This is the second installment in our article about bleaching out the stains from the coat of a white show cat. Photos of an actual cat illustrate how to apply the simple paste.
    November 2021

  • * Causes of Excessive Tearing
    Understanding the causes of excessive tearing is the first step in managing the problem.
    February 2022

  • * Club Soda As A Grooming Product For Your Cat
    Club Soda can be used to reduce or remove both tear and urine stains in all colors of cats.
    April 2019

  • * Out Damn Spot!
    Removing stains on white and bicolor cats is a constant challenge for exhibitors. There are a great number of 'tricks' and 'private formulas' that the best groomers use to prevent or eliminate stains, especially under the eyes... and this article shares them with you!
    July 2000

  • Packing With EW Grooming Powder to Reduce and Prevent Eye Staining
    Learn the best techniques for 'packing' your cat's eyes to prevent or reduce eye stains.
    June 2002

  • * Tylan Eye Stain Formula
    A simple eye drop and face cleaning formula using Tylan can prevent and remove tear stains on your cat's face
    October 2001

  • * Under Eye Cream
    Bio-Groom under eye cream is another useful tool in the groomer's arsenal.
    November 2006

  • * Whiter Than White
    Look in the kitchen, bathroom and laundry room for products to make your white cats whiter!
    November 2017



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