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  • * Acidophilus
    Acidophilus is a useful supplement to give to a cat with a digestive upset or when a feline is taking antibiotics.
    June 2016

  • * Bene-Bac
    Bene-Bac is a useful product for aiding digestion, especially in nursing kittens.
    August 2021

  • * Breeders Edge Supplements
    Breeders' Edge is a company that produces a line of products and supplements specifically designed to help pregnant moms and their newborns.
    February 2018

  • * Calcium for Your Pregnant Queen
    Calcium is an important and vital ingredient in the health of your breeding queen. Lack of calcium can actually lead to a nursing queen`s death. Understanding the role calcium plays will help you give her the best care possible while ensuring her a successful pregnancy.
    May 2015

  • * Cranberries & Your Kitty: Good or Bad?
    The benefits of cranberries to human health have been extended to include our feline family members. But is this the right thing to do?
    January 2021

  • * Energel
    This feeding supplement has many uses for the cat breeder
    April 2006

  • * FortiFlora Feline Nutritional Supplement
    FortiFlora is a probiotic nutritional supplement developed for cats. It has proven most effective in stimulating appetite in poor eaters and helping to treat cats with diarrhea.
    April 2016

  • * L-Lysine
    While L-lysine supplements will not prevent Feline Herpes Virus, conjunctivitis or upper respiratory infections, they may reduce the symptoms and speed recovery. Learn more about L-lysine . . .
    May 2021

  • Loading A Syringe With Nutrical
    An easy way of feeding Nutri-Cal to an uncooperative feline is by loading it into a syringe. Lean how!
    September 2022

  • * Nutri-Cal
    Nutri-Cal should be an essential part of every breeder's arsenal of feeding supplements.
    May 2020

  • * Probiotics For Your Kitty
    Probiotics as a feeding supplement have been growing in popularity. Learn more about these beneficial bacteria and the part they may play in promoting the health of your cattery...
    March 2020

  • * ProMagic Powdered Cottage Cheese
    To improve coat and skin you may want to try adding this food supplement to your cat's normal diet.
    October 2005

  • * Vitamin B-12
    B-12 is an essential vitamin for all felines. In a cattery situation, B-12 is useful to help stimulate appetite, promote milk production in pregnant queens and growth in kittens. It can even aid in recovery from respiratory infections. Learn more.
    September 2017



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