Articles showing common feline surgeries performed by veterinarians

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  • * Anesthetic Myths
    Every breeder should know the truth and myths concerning which anesthesia option to choose should their cat require surgery.
    December 2016

  • * Before Surgery
    A pre-anesthetic physical exam is the first step before any surgical procedure should be performed.
    September 2022

  • * Cosmetic Surgery in Cats
    Cosmetic surgery is now available for cats. When is it acceptable? When is it unethical?
    March 2019

  • * Enlarging Small Nostrils on a Persian Cat
    More common with Persians and Exotics, any cat breeder can produce a cat with small nostrils. But there is no reason for cats with this problem to suffer. Easy, inexpensive laser surgery can make the cat more comfortable overnight - literally. See the results in before and after photos.
    March 2017

  • * Neutering A Male Cat
    It is helpful for every cat breeder to be familiar with the surgical procedure to neuter a male cat. This photo essay follows the operationfrom pre-surgical preparation to completion...
    August 2020

  • * Removing a Retained Baby Tooth
    Occasionally a kitten's baby tooth may not fall out when the permanent tooth comes in. To avoid ruining your kitten's bite, you may need practice some feline dentistry.
    April 2020



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