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  • GPD, RW BelCats Dream A Little Dream
    On March 9th, 2014, a brown tabby Persian spay named GPD, RW BelCats Dream A Little Dream made breed history in CFA when she became the first Persian to earn the title of Grand of Distinction. This is her story . . .
    April 2014

  • * Classic vs Mackerel: Persian Tabby Patterns in CFA
    Tabby Persians can come in one of two patterns: Classic or Mackerel. Do you know the difference?
    September 2002

  • * Colors of the Tabby Division
    The Persian Tabby Division in CFA has 17 color categories.
    September 2002

  • * Gary Powell is honored to be able to share with our pa/members this candid interview with Gary as he discusses his Persian breeding program under the Red Sky cattery prefix.
    August 2000

  • * How To Tell A True Tabby
    Perhaps the single thing most newbies (and some not-so-new cat breeders) find confusing is understanding the issue of agouti and non-agouti tabbies. Learn how to tell whether YOUR tabby is a true agouti (or not) . . .
    November 2016

  • New Chocolate Milestone
    Read the story of Rocky, the first ever chocolate or lilac Persian to be ranked in the top 3 of breed nationally in CFA!
    May 2007

  • GC, RW Red Sky Wooden Ships Crosses The Rainbow Bridge
    A prolific sire is lost... but his legacy lives on in the tabby Persians, Exotics & Lynxpoint Himalayans of the modern day.
    January 2005

  • * GC Ristokat's Against All Odds
    PandEcats debuts a new feature that will prove invaluable to every breeder wishing to improve their ability to evaluate kittens and predict how they will develop into adulthood.
    April 2004

  • * Shaving Your Cat's Nose
    Exhibitors of well-presented Silvers and Goldens and tabbies take care that the mascara on their cat's nose leather is not obscured by hair along the edge of the nose leather. The best way of emphasizing good nose mascara is by shaving the hairline around it.
    March 2020

  • Tabby Pattern Genetic Breakthrough
    New research results published in the journal Genetics, has clarified the inheritance of tabby patterns. Read on to learn more ...
    January 2010

  • * Tabby Pattern Genetics In cats
    Classic? Mackerel? What is dominant? What is recessive?
    March 2020

  • * Tabby Patterns
    There are four main patterns of tabby that occur in the random bred domestic cat population (exclusive of any cat breeds that have wild blood). This article provides an in-depth look at tabby patterns and their genetics ...
    March 2020

  • * Tabby Persian Breed Winners in CFA
    This well researched listing of the Tabby Persian breed winners in CFA includes all the cats who are entitled to add the BW in front of their names.
    August 2007

  • * Tabby Persian DMs in CFA
    A list of the tabbies in CFA who have earned the breeding title of Distinguished Merit.
    March 2005

  • Tabby Persian Grands of Distinction in CFA
    In 2011, CFA instituted a brand new title the Grand of Distinction. The first Persian to earn the award in CFA was a Brown McTabby spay named GPD, RW Belcats Dream A Little Dream. This article tracks the Tabby Persians that have earned this prestigious title to-date.
    October 2016

  • * Tabby Persian National Winners in CFA
    The CFA National Winning Persians of the Tabby Division from 1972 until the present.
    April 2003

  • Way We Were: CFA 1958 (Part 4) - Red Tabbies and Tortoiseshells, Part 1
    Take a nostalgic look back at CFA 50 years ago... the fourth in our multi-part series features the red tabbies...
    February 2009

  • Way We Were: CFA 1961 (Part 2) - Blue Tabbies Are Accepted
    The year is 1961, and blue tabbies are accepted in CFA ...
    February 2010



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