New Year's Resolutions

by Lee Harper
Mockingbird Persians & Exotics


It is a tradition in my home to share our New Year's Resolutions with those we love. So at a "Recovering From Too Much Holiday Eating" Light Brunch this weekend, a group of my friends gathered together and we made a list of resolutions about our cats for the New Year. Being a diverse group, we made resolutions from the point of view of pet cat people, cat breeders and some non-cat friends who snuck in when the feline friends weren't looking...

I thought you might enjoy reading some of the hopes and goals we all decided for ourselves and our cats for 2003...

Practical Resolutions

  1. I resolve to keep accurate health and breeding records for each of my cats Keeping detailed health records including breeding history is a must for each cat. Records should include a copy of each vet visits, vaccinations, matings, kitten survival rate, etc.
  2. I resolve to make out a will regarding the placement of my cats upon my death Especially if a breeder is single, getting up in years, or is the only person in the family involved with the breeding of cats, it is important to make out a will detailing the care and placement of each cat should something untoward happen.
  3. I resolve to microchip each of my cats and the kittens which leave my home In the event of your death, illness the easiest way of identifying each individual cat for placement is by microchip. The same holds true if a cat escapes, is lost or is stolen.
  4. I resolve to prepare an emergency kit and plan for my cats and cattery Fire, Loss of electricity for an extended period, earthquake, flood.. the list goes on regarding the emergency situation that you may need to deal. Have a plan in place, somewhere to take your family and cats in an emergency, supplies, and most importantly more than one option.
  5. I resolve to understand what my veterinarian is telling me Never leave the veterinarians office without completely understanding what the vet said, and a copy of the results of the visit.
  6. I resolve to know the correct name and spelling of any medications my cat is given Know the names of all medication you give your cat and what their purpose may be.
  7. I resolve to neuter or spay all kittens before they leave my home Early neuter/spay is now a safe procedure. To ensure the health and future of all your pet kittens, have them neutered or spayed before placing them in their new home.

Philosophical Lifestyle Resolutions

  1. I resolve to no longer share my apple pie with the queen of the cat crew, PJ (Okay, I could lose a few pounds too) Fat cats are not healthy cats, so beware giving your kitty too many goodies if it appears a bit too chunky. Obesity has fast become a common problem in our cats and dogs.
  2. I resolve to not allow my Exotics to teach the Persians how to jump on the kitchen counter While many people think the only difference between a Persian and an Exotic is coat length, I never had a Persian jump to my counters until I got my first Exotic ;-)
  3. I resolve to let my cat sleep wherever he likes Except on my black Armani suit.
  4. I resolve to not allow my cat to sharpen his nails anywhere other than "designated" areas I don't know what my cat's resolutions may be though.
  5. I resolve to accept that not all my friends and family love my cats as much as I do My mother-in-law does not think it amusing to have a cat climb onto her shoulder to give her a kitty kiss... then sneeze in her face. And she does not regard cat hair as a food group. I love her anyway.
  6. I resolve to buy more clothing brushes for the removal of hair It's either that or wear more satin (Yikes!).
  7. I resolve to not buy teaser number 478 The person who made this resolution actually only owns 2 cats and 478 is a conservative estimate of the number of teasers she owns. The teasers I own personally number in the thousands.

And may I send to you wishes that 2003 be a wonderful year for you.

  • May your cats all enjoy good health.
  • May you reach out and mentor someone.
  • May you always strive to have as few cats as you need to have a successful breeding program so that you can devote as much time and love to each individual cat as possible.
  • May all your dreams come true

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