Camping Store REI Launches New Products Specially For Cats!

Published April 2013

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Recreational Equipment Inc., commonly known as REI, has been a leader in outdoor and camping gear since its beginnings in 1938.

This April, the camping magnate once again demonstrated that they are ahead of the pack when they launched their exclusive new line of camping gear for kittens. The outdoorsy retailer is offering burly wool kitten socks, rugged kitten boots and an appropriately-sized backpack so that your cat has everything it needs for hiking the most demanding trails.

Response from cat fanciers was immediate. The orders are pouring in . . .

April Fools!

Best Facebook Comments:

You've cat to be kitten me right meow!
I thought you already made camping gear for cats. That's who those little display tents are intended for, right?
Are they going to be using pup tents?
Please, like a cat would carry its own pack... that's what it has people for. Dogs are suckers.
Do the boots come with a Velcro fastening? It's just if a cat tries to do up its laces up — well, you can imagine . . .
I want them right MEOW!
This is a-MEW-sing

Do you remember to pack my freeze-dried catnip?

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