What Is Normal?
Published April 2016

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You think your cat might not be feeling well, so you take his temperature. How high does his temperature need to be for him to have a fever? Does he have only a slight temperature or is it something more serious? Does he seem to be breathing too fast? How fast is normal?

EEK! What is Normal?

If you know what "normal" is for your cat, it becomes easier to tell when something is wrong.

These are the simple basics that every cat owner can use to assess a cat's overall condition:

Normal Ranges For Most Cats
100.5 to 102.5 degrees Fahrenheit
7 to 12 lbs (not Maine Coons :-))
Heart rate
240 beats/ minute (maximum)
Pulse rate
110 to 130 beats/minute
20 to 30 breaths/minute
10 to 18 years
Heat Cycle
15 to 21 days
In Heat
4 days
64 days

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