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Published October 2013

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CFA's Best Shaded Silver for 2012-2013 is a stunning girl named GC, RW Ultamint's Calinda of La Cattique. With her huge green eyes, glorious pale coat and striking expression, Calinda was CFA Great Lakes Region's 24th Best Cat as well as 2nd Best of Breed in the Silver & Golden Division 2012-2013.

This is her story . . .

Photo by Susan Southards, Creative Focus Photography
GC, RW Ultamint's Calinda of La Cattique

La Cattique

My name is Wilma Van Scoyt. I live in New Carlisle, Ohio and began breeding Persians in 1972.

My cattery name came from my daughter.  At the time, she lived in Nashville, Tennessee.   She was walking by a 
little shop called La Bootique and asked, "Why not call your cattery La Cattique?"  I loved it and that was how La Cattique was born.

Believe it or not the name is mispronounced as often as my last name :-).

I have always been passionate about Silver and Golden Persians. I was deeply involved in promoting the acceptance of the Golden Persian in CFA, CCA, CFF, Crown and ACFA. I showed La Cattique's Quiche, La Cattique's Menuet, (dam of CFA's first golden grand, La Cattique Cache),  as well as CH Rising Sun Rapunzel of La Cattique and CH Diadem Dark Secret of La Cattique.  

In recent years, I have worked with Tammy Mendez of Ultamint Silvers, granding several of her kitties and even earning Best of Breed wins on her cats. When Tammy sent me pictures of a sweet little silver girl born in the spring of 2011, I immediately fell in love. The kitten was hand carried to me from Oakland, California.


I named her for one of the characters on television's The Good Wife, Calinda — the mysterious in-house investigator and fact finder.

Baby Calinda

My Calinda had a very laid back personality. When I started showing her, she was an excellent traveler, and very much enjoyed lounging in the hotel rooms and show halls. When setting her tent up on the bed in the hotel, all I had to do  was open her carrier's door and Calinda would walk right out and go directly into her tent. She was a trooper. 

I was campaigning  La Cattique's Chane when Calinda was a kitten, so unfortunately, I did not show her much as a baby. Showing two cats at the same time is pretty hectic ( and expensive ) . . . so Calinda stayed home and grew up.

Photo by Susan Southards, Creative Focus Photography
GC, BW, RW La Cattique's Chane
CFA Best Silver/Golden in Championship 2011-2012

While she was waiting her turn, Calinda was bred. She had her babies but sadly lost the litter. This is one of the heartaches of being a cat breeder. It was the summer of 2012 and as fall approached, I began to think perhaps I could take her out to at least earn her Champion title in CFA. The Dayton Cat Fanciers show was coming up in November, so I entered her.

Well, not only did she add the CH title to her name, she also made four finals. With points already counting towards her grand title, we were off and running. The rest, as they say, is history.

Photo by Susan Southards, Creative Focus Photography

New Grand

Calinda quickly achieved her Grand title and as I continued to show her, I began to watch the regional points. Calinda was doing so well that I thought it possible she could be 25th Best Cat in Region 4, earning an RW to add to her name. The Great Lakes Region is very competitive though, and it is especially tough for a Silver to make finals — but you never know unless you try.

As her points accumulated, I then realized she was also climbing up the standings in her breed division nationally.

We continued showing, but I knew it was going to close. It was a cliffhanger right up to the last two shows of the season. The competition was fierce but Calinda pulled it off and ended up 24th Best Cat in the region, and not only that, she was 2nd Best of Breed Nationally!


Calinda was one of the last kittens bred by Tammy before she retired from breeding cats, so I feel especially blessed to have the privilege of sharing my life with Calinda. Calinda is also enjoying her retirement but I think if I put her in a carrier, she would be happy to go to another show . . .

GC, RW Ultamint's Calinda of La Cattique
Shaded Silver Female Persian

CFA Great Lakes Region's 24th Best Cat  2012-2013
CFA Great Lakes Region's Best Silver & Golden Division 2012-2013
CFA National  2nd Best of Breed in the Silver & Golden Division 2012-2013
CFA Best Shaded Silver

Born May 3 2011
Breeder: Tammy Mendez
Owner: Wilma Von Scoyk

Photo by Susan Southards, Creative Focus Photography

Photo by Susan Southards, Creative Focus Photography

Photo by Susan Southards, Creative Focus Photography

Photo by Susan Southards, Creative Focus Photography

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