Five Generation Persian Pedigree
Required for Registration in CFA

Published March 2004

In 2003, the CFA Board accepted a proposal to require an 8 generation pedigree in order to accept any Persian cat for registration whose parents are not registered in CFA.

The proposed change in the Persian requirements was rescinded by the CFA Board at the February 2004 Board Meeting.

To register a Persian for breeding and showing using a certified pedigree from another association, CFA requires a 5-generation certified pedigree.

This means the certified pedigree includes the cat to be registered plus five generations of background.

A 4-generation pedigree will record the cat for breeding purposes, but not for showing.

In 2002 the CFA Persian Breed Council endorsed by 70% a proposal to require Persians being imported from another association to have an 8-generation pedigree rather than a 5-generation pedigree. The Board turned down our request. In 2003 the CFA Persian Breed Council endorsed by 80% the same proposal and the Board approved our request, to become effective in February, 2004. The purpose of the delay was to give the new Cats Ancesty Tracking Service (CATS) time to be put into place so those breeders who could not produce the required 8- generation pedigree had a way of working with CFA to eventually have such a pedigree.

At its meeting in February, 2004, the Board rescinded that requirement by a vote of 10 to 9. Had just one more Board member
voted to support us, the vote would have gone the other way. At this same Board meeting, all the Breed Councils who currently have the 8- generation requirement were asked to justify their need to continue the requirement.

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