CH, GP Kissncats Touched By An Angel

Published September 2012

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On December 4, 2010, at the Lewis and Clark Longhair Specialty show in Portland, Oregon, CH, GP Kissncats Touched By An Angel made breed history in CFA when she became the first chocolate tortoiseshell Persian to Grand in CFA.


This is Angel's story, written by her owner, Elizabeth Kennedy


I first met the late Dorothy and Leroy Woofter of Kissncats cattery in 1988. It was my friendship with Dorothy that led to my interest in the cat fancy. At the time, Dorothy was a Persian breeder, concentrating on the minority color of chocolate. She had several cats in her breeding program from the famous chocolate Persian cattery, Cactusway. As my friendship with Dorothy developed, she introduced me to several other breeders of chocolate Persians. My love for the delicate color grew.

In 2001, in one of the last breedings that Dorothy did, a little chocolate tortoiseshell kitten was born. The beautifully colored kitten was eventually named Kissncats Touched by an Angel. "Angel" became part of the breeding program of Barbara Redalia of Tuleburg.

Fast forward to 2008...

Barbara and I had become friends through Dorothy, and I had twice purchased kittens from Barbara. Barbara knew of my interest in Angel because she was a cat of Dorothy's. When the time came that Angel's breeding career was finished, Barbara offered her to me as a pet. I was thrilled that Angel could spend her "retirement years" with me.

The Dream

Angel had been shown briefly in May, 2002 to earn her Champion title, but she had started cycling and so stopped showing to have kittens. While I had enjoyed owning pet Persians for many years, I had dreamed of one day perhaps showing and breeding Persians. Angel had been part of my family for about six months. One day I looked at her, and was thinking how beautiful she was... and I realized that I could show her... that perhaps now was time to put my dream to the test.

With our hearts beating wildly, Angel and I ventured into the show hall in August 2009.

Now, you must understand the challenge we were facing. Here I was showing my first Persian... and she was a rare and unusual color... and she was eight years old!

We first dipped our toes in the show waters in August 2009 at the Pacific Rim Allbreed Cat Fancier's show in Portland, Oregon.

We were definitely traveling an uphill road. Judges would look first at her color, evaluating whether she really was that rarity - a chocolate tortoiseshell. Most had never seen the color before. Then they would look at her age in the judging book. It isn't often you see a senior citizen in the Open class of a cat show. More than one judge asked if she really was 8 years old! By the end of the weekend, however, Angel had earned her Premier title.

Angel's First Grand Points

Our second show was not until January 2010 at the Fraser Valley Allbreed Cat Club show Longview, Washington state. At this show, Angel received her first grand points - 34 of them. We were on our way!

A Breed Milestone

We began showing in earnest. Angel consistently received points at each show we attended. The Lewis and Clark Longhair Specialty show in Portland, Oregon on December 4, 2010 was her seventh show. Before the show was over, Angel had earned 21 grand points, bringing her total to 84 points. Angel was a Grand Premier! At 9-1/2 years old!

Word of Angel's accomplishment quickly spread through the show hall. Kathy Durdick of Ristokat Himalayans added even more excitement to the day when she informed me that Angel was the first chocolate tortoiseshell Persian to achieve Grand status in CFA. Wow! Angel was a history-maker!

Angel was only shown twice as a Grand Premier, but at her last show in July, 2011, she finaled in 4 out of 8 rings. I was so proud of our girl.

Pictured above: Elizabeth, Angel and Judge Vicki Nye

Angel's Second Retirement

Now almost 11 years old, Angel is retired from showing. She enjoys all the privileges of being a house cat, although she isn't too sure about the two Cocker Spaniels and two other Persians with which she shares our home, even though one of the other Persians is her granddaughter. Angel is particularly not thrilled about sharing the house with my husband, as she has claimed first right to me, and doesn't want to share me with anyone else.

She loves sleeping on the bed at night (only on my side) and spends much of her day at the top of the cat tree. She demands respect from the other cats, and is quite definite about what the lines are in their interactions with her. She ignores the dogs, and approaches life with the calm dignity of a Persian.

It is an honor and a joy to share life with this girl, who always lives up to her name.

Thanks to Angel (as well as my friendships with Dorothy, Barbara, and several others) I am now venturing into breeding chocolates myself . My first litter was born on July 14, 2012 - a blue boy and a blue cream girl. Their mother, Patsquats Dreamers Chance of EMGems, is also a chocolate tortoiseshell She is already grand pointed, and I hope to grand her after she has raised her litter. The dream continues...


CH, GP Kissncats Touched By An Angel
Chocolate Tortoiseshell Persian Spay
reg: 3059-1358821
birthdate: 06-28-2001
Sire: CH Cactusway Ready Teddy
Dam: Kissncats Petite Fleur
Breeder: Dorothy and Leroy Woofter
Owner: Elizabeth Kennedy

Pedigree of CH. GP Kissncats Touched by an Angel

Photo Credit: All professional photos by The Zoo Crew


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