TICA International Winners 2018-2019
by KATHY DURDICK, Ristokat Himalayans & Persians

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PandEcats.com is happy to present the International Winners for 2018-2019 in The International Cat Association.

TICA's top cats are listed below. Persian & Exotic winners are shown with a green background.

IW SGC Zendique Jiminy Cricket - Brown Spotted Tabby/White Exotic Shorthair
TICA's 9th Best Cat & Best Exotic Shorthair 2019

IW SGC Gilvtales Sir Fuzzy Butt - Red Point Himalayan
TICA's 24th Best Cat & Best Himalayan
Photo by L. Johnson

IW SGC Chieko Blue Beads - Blue/White Persian
TICA's 25th Best Cat & Best Persian 2019
Photo by Tetsu

Top 25 Cats

Best Cat (tie)    IW SGC Allweneedis Quality Time - Seal Point/Bicolor Ragdoll
Best Cat (tie)    IW SGC Purrsia Pardonne Moi - Black Peterbald
3rd Best Cat    IW SGC MTNest Paint To Sample - Brown Torbie/White Maine Coon
4th Best Cat     IW SGC Confiture of Phoenix/ID - Blue British Shorthair
5th Best Cat    IW SGC Coonamor We Will Rock You - Brown Tabby Maine Coon
6th Best Cat    IW SGC Mirumkitty Handsome As Hell - Seal Point/Bicolor Ragdoll
7th Best Cat    IW SGC Havvanur's Jigglypuff/ID - Red Silver Shaded Turkish Angora
8th Best Cat    IW SGC Batifoleurs Kibo - Brown Spotted Tabby Bengal
9th Best Cat    IW SGC Zendique Jiminy Cricket - Brown Spotted Tabby/White Exotic Shorthair
10th Best Cat    IW SGC Teeny Varian of Sylvanas - Seal Lynx Point/Bicolor Ragdoll
11th Best Cat    IW SGC Silvercharm Mannish Boy - Blue/White British Shorthair
12th Best Cat    IW SGC Madawaska Omalley - Red Cornish Rex
13th Best Cat    IW SGC Cieloch Take A Chance - Brown McTabby Siberian
14th Best Cat    IW SGC Beauchador Moxy - Brown Tabby American Wirehair
15th Best Cat    IW SGC Jungletrax Diana of Abaoshouse - Brown Spotted Tabby Bengal
16th Best Cat    IW SGC Owhl Irn Bru Im A Pip - Brown Tabby/White Scottish Fold
17th Best Cat    IW SGC Aloracats Adonias - Brown Spotted Tabby Bengal
18th Best Cat    IW SGC Singville Lola Ofthe Copa - Singapura
19th Best Cat    IW SGC Chatile Nicolas - Blue McTabby Maine Coon
20th Best Cat (tie)     IW SGC Basilicblessing Grand Finale - Brown Torbie/White Siberian
20th Best Cat (tie)     IW SGC Marlcreek Trouble Comes In Blue - Blue Point/Mitted Ragdoll
22nd Best Cat    IW SGC Emerald Snow Maestro Antigene/CF - Russian Blue
23rd Best Cat    Scantilyclad In The Midnight Hour - Seal Mink Tortie/White Sphynx
24th Best Cat    IW SGC Gilvtales Sir Fuzzy Butt - Red Point Himalayan
25th Best Cat    IW SGC Chieko Blue Beads - Blue/White Persian

TOP 25 Longhair Cats

13th Best Longhair IW SGC Simcris Skippetyflip - Brown Tabby/White Persian
14th Best Longhair IW SGC Faircats Jin - Cream McTabby/White LH Scottish Fold
15th Best Longhair IW SGC MTNest Dynasty of Brownbear - Brown Tabby/White Maine Coon
16th Best Longhair IW SGC Chemicoons Stephen Hawking of LAPD - Brown Tabby/White Maine Coon
17th Best Longhair IW SGC Melody's Niagara/LO - Seal Tortie Point Himalayan
18th Best Longhair IW SGC Anouchka Adelaide - Black Tortie/White Persian
19th Best Longhair IW SGC Jakoi No End To Trouble - Black/White LH Japanese Bobtail
20th Best Longhair IW SGC Soulmates Hua Mulan of Meow - Blue Point/Bicolor Ragdoll
21st Best Longhair IW SGC Boucles Monsieur Incroyable - Brown McTabby LH Selkirk Rex
22nd Best Longhair IW SGC Star Olympus Maquiavelo of Riverbin - Black Persian
23rd Best Longhair IW SGC Catzanova Nabucco - Ruddy Somali
24th Best Longhair IW SGC Moussedoll Mavis - Seal Point/Bicolor Ragdoll
25th Best Longhair IW SGC Wistariantale Rising Sun - Red Silver Tabby Maine Coon

TOP 25 Shorthair Cats

14th Best Shorthair IW SGC Islarey Kendrick of Charlietabuc/ID - Blue British Shorthair
15th Best Shorthair IW SGC Guru Apu Illapu of Bossbengalcat - Brown Spotted Tabby Bengal
16th Best Shorthair IW SGC Willowblue Kaidu - Brown Spotted Tabby Bengal
17th Best Shorthair IW SGC Doudou Hug Francis - Cream McTabby British Shorthair
18th Best Shorthair IW SGC Rexink Annie Lennox - Black/White Cornish Rex
19th Best Shorthair IW SGC Havacat Teddy Tea Maker of Oberlin - Havana Brown
20th Best Shorthair IW SGC Coonalley On Safari of Alayna - Brown Spotted Tabby Bengal
21st Best Shorthair IW SGC Ginchika Bidi Bidi Pom Pom - Black Smoke Tortie/White Japanese Bobtail
22nd Best Shorthair IW SGC Destynys Sway Me Smooth - Brown McTorbie/White Sphynx
23rd Best Shorthair IW SGC Windleaves Top Gun of Plymouthrock - Silver Tabby/White American Shorthair
24th Best Shorthair IW SGC Abysaint Tibet of Pierremont - Blue Abyssinian
25th Best Shorthair IW SGC Herus Spellbound - Ruddy Abyssinian

IW Starolympus Deliciosa - Blue Tabby Exotic Shorthair
TICA's 8th Best Kitten 2019

TICA's Best Exotic Shorthair Kitten 2019
Photo by L. Johnson

IW Starolympus Me Enamore of Riverbin - Black Tortie Persian
TICA's 10th Best Kitten 2019
TICA's Best Persian Kitten 2019

Photo by L. Johnson

Top 25 Kittens

Best Kitten    IW BW SGC Coonamor We Will Rock You - Brown Tabby Maine Coon
2nd Best Kitten    IW Silvercharm Mannish Boy - Blue/White British Shorthair
3rd Best Kitten    IW Synergy Altair of Higrov - Seal Silver Lynx Point Balinese
4th Best Kitten    IW Mowglis Jack The Ripper - Brown Spotted Tabby Scottish Fold
5th Best Kitten    IW Jungletrax Innate Equanimity - Brown Spotted Tabby Bengal
6th Best Kitten    IW MTNest Terracotta Warrior - Red Tabby/White Maine Coon
7th Best Kitten    IW Tajhara Obsession Confession - Ruddy Somali
8th Best Kitten    IW Starolympus Deliciosa - Blue Tabby Exotic Shorthair
9th Best Kitten    IW Havvanurs Lilly Pad - White Turkish Angora
10th Best Kitten    IW Starolympus Me Enamore of Riverbin - Black Tortie Persian
11th Best Kitten    IW Elsa Ragdoll Ryan - Seal Lynx Point/Bicolor Ragdoll
12th Best Kitten    IW MTNest Christopher - Brown Tabby/White Maine Coon
13th Best Kitten    IW Keepurrs Jordan - Blue Point/Bicolor Ragdoll
14th Best Kitten     IW Deescoons Fantasy- Brown Torbie/White Maine Coon
15th Best Kitten     IW Carchet Oreanna - Chartreux
16th Best Kitten    IW O de Lancome Du Chateau Jonquet/LO - White Persian
17th Best Kitten    IW Hotzcats Temptation of Ranchcats/CF - Seal Point Siamese
18th Best Kitten    IW Lollipopdoll Domay of Clumsyangel - Seal Lynx Point/Bicolor Ragdoll
19th Best Kitten    IW Faeryfire's Chasing Rainbows/CF - Brown Spotted Torbie/White Oriental Shorthair
20th Best Kitten    IW Lildarlynns Silver On The Flip Side - Silver Tabby LH Minuet
21st Best Kitten     IW Beauchador Moxy - Brown Tabby American Wirehair
22nd Best Kitten    IW Miragecoon Silver Lining - Silver Ticked Torbie/White Maine Coon
23rd Best Kitten    IW Purrsia Cocoanut - Chocolate Point Peterbald
24th Best Kitten    IW Truelove's Tang Tang/CF - Red Tabby Exotic Shorthair
25th Best Kitten    IW Chemicoons Stephen Hawking of LAPD - Brown Tabby/White Maine Coon

IW SGCA Suavere's Dark Secret of Penobscot
- Black Persian Alter
TICA's Best Alter 2019 & Best Persian Alter 2019
Photo by L. Johnson

Top 25 Alters

Best Alter    IW LA SGCA Suavere's Dark Secret of Penobsc/CF - Black Persian
2nd Best Alter    IW SGCA Mistysprings Hello Gorgeous!/CF - White Cymric
3rd Best Alter    IW SGCA Keepurrs Just Living The Dream - Seal Point/Bicolor Ragdoll
4th Best Alter    IW SGCA Casadecano Cha Ching of Samphire/CF - Seal Lynx Point Siamese
5th Best Alter    IW SGCA MTNest Lord Nelson of Higrove - Brown Tabby/White Maine Coon
6th Best Alter    IW SGCA Chipmunk Imagonnabea Starr - White Oriental Shorthair
7th Best Alter    IW SGCA Panei's Duke Venomania/CF - Cream Tabby Exotic Shorthair
8th Best Alter    IW SGCA Vip Hakuna Matata/WC - Cream Lynx Point Siberian
9th Best Alter    IW SGCA Jakoi Last Call - Black Tortie/White LH Japanese Bobtail
10th Best Alter    IW SGCA Riterags Aspen Glow - Cream Point/Bicolor Ragdoll
11th Best Alter    IW SGCA Mowgleaves Lucky Strike - Silver Tabby/White American Shorthair
12th Best Alter    IW SGCA Purrsia Cocoanut - Chocolate Point Peterbald
13th Best Alter    IW SGCA Leostar Elmo of Happinesstail - Brown McTabby Persian
14th Best Alter    IW SGCA Tisima Aynu Bliklya of Amisti - Brown McTorbie/White LH Kurilian Bobtail
15th Best Alter    IW SGCA Traipse Celestial Comet - Seal Spotted Lynx Point Bengal
16th Best Alter    IW SGCA Sazikatz Yuengling of Mixologies - Lilac Point Tonkinese
17th Best Alter    IW SGCA Carolinameows Furrari of Kattarose - Brown Tabby Maine Coon
18th Best Alter    IW SGCA Marleevo C N Spots - Brown Spotted Tabby Exotic Shorthair
19th Best Alter    IW SGCA Divinedesign Lord Chesterfield - Brown McTabby/White British Shorthair
20th Best Alter    IW SGCA Zendique James Brown - Brown Tabby Exotic Shorthair
21st Best Alter    IW SGCA Minghou Mr Ed D of Karissimakat - Black/White Oriental Shorthair
22nd Best Alter    IW SGCA Howlingcoyote Dogberry - Cinnamon Somali
23rd Best Alter    IW SGCA Beauchador Foxy of Rivabell - Red Silver Tabby American Wirehair
24th Best Alter    IW SGCA Beautifulstars Sargas - Chocolate Lynx Point Siamese
25th Best Alter    IW SGCA Destynys Dashing And Debonair - Black/White Sphynx

Top 25 Household Pets

Best HHP    IW SGM Rambo - Brown Tabby
2nd Best HHP    IW SGM Pierrot of Blueyonder - Black/White
3rd Best HHP    IW SGM Ragnar Shaggy Breeches - Black
4th Best HHP    IW SGM Cinnabon of Bluebonnet - Cinnamon
5th Best HHP    IW SGM Narnya of Korrigan - Brown McTabby/White
6th Best HHP    IW SGM A Moment In Tyme - Black Tortie
7th Best HHP    IW SGM Christapurr - Black/White
8th Best HHP    IW SGM Casper Tito - White
9th Best HHP    IW SGM Trick O The Tail - Black Silver Ticked Tabby/White
10th Best HHP    IW SGM Bart - Black
11th Best HHP    IW SGM Blue Skye - Black Smoke/White
12th Best HHP    IW SGM Candy Cane - Black Silver McTorbie/White
13th Best HHP    IW SGM Warner Band Room Kitty - Black Tortie
14th Best HHP    IW SGM Maximus Puss - Brown Ticked Tabby
15th Best HHP    IW SGM Moto Moto of Aloracats - Black
16th Best HHP    IW SGM The Last Chance of Elviskitkat - Seal Mink McTabby/White
17th Best HHP    IW SGM Goldie of Strayinc - Chocolate Tortie
18th Best HHP    IW SGM Speckled Kitty Cat Iris - Black Tortie/White
19th Best HHP    IW SGM Latte And Cream of Carolinameows - Cream Spotted Tabby/White
20th Best HHP    IW SGM Hani - Blue McTabby/White
21st Best HHP    IW SGM Thomas O Malley - Black Silver Shaded
22nd Best HHP    IW SGM Creamie Chicken Soup of Samphire - Cream McTabby
23rd Best HHP    IW SGM Tabatha - Black Tortie/White
24th Best HHP    IW SGM Qu Tea - Blue Torbie
25th Best HHP    IW SGM Gertrude of Porcelinekitty - Chocolate Lynx Point

Top 25 Household Pet Kittens

Best HHP Kitten    IW Brianna - Black Tortie/White
2nd Best HHP Kitten    IW Supro Dual Tone of Blueyonder - Black/White
3rd Best HHP Kitten    IW What The Heart Wants of Chrischat - Brown Spotted Torbie/White
4th Best HHP Kitten    IW Ashes To Ashes of Blueyonder - Black Silver Spotted Tabby/White
5th Best HHP Kitten    IW Rebelnever Gets Old of Blueyonder - Red Spotted Tabby/White
6th Best HHP Kitten    IW Lil Dantes Pique of Curlzz - Black/White
7th Best HHP Kitten    IW Cant Believe Its Not Butters - Red Spotted Tabby
8th Best HHP Kitten    IW Maxie - Black/White
9th Best HHP Kitten    IW A Different View of Emmers -Seal Silver Shaded Point/White
10th Best HHP Kitten    IW Brochette - Brown Tabby/White
11th Best HHP Kitten    IW Sunshinenlollypops of Starghatts - Red Spotted Tabby/White
12th Best HHP Kitten    IW Cinco Da Mayo of Trunude - Brown McTabby
13th Best HHP Kitten    IW HRH Bonnie von Bon Bon - Blue Tortie/White
14th Best HHP Kitten    IW Punkin Pie of Carolinameows - Red McTabby
15th Best HHP Kitten    IW Lacey - Black/White
16th Best HHP Kitten    IW Pixie Lee - Brown Torbie
17th Best HHP Kitten    IW Huitlacoche - Black Tortie
18th Best HHP Kitten    IW Summer - Brown McTabby
19th Best HHP Kitten    IW Terrahawk - Black Silver Torbie/White
20th Best HHP Kitten    IW Diana Prince - Brown Spotted Tabby
21st Best HHP Kitten    IW Bethee of Conexa - Blue Tortie/White
22nd Best HHP Kitten    IW Yanki Doodle Dandy - Brown Ticked Tabby/White
23rd Best HHP Kitten    IW Duchess - Black/White
24th Best HHP Kitten    IW Widdle Maine Mystery Man - Black
25th Best HHP Kitten    IW Lil Willow of Willowblue - Black Silver Tabby/White


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