CFA Accepts The Longhair Exotic For Championship Status

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Published February 2009

Questions regarding the acceptance of Longhair Exotics Exotics for CFA championship status were first put on the Persian Breed Council ballot in 1990.

After almost two decades of discussion and dissention, as of May 1, 2009, Longhair Exotics may be shown in competition in CFA and will qualify to earn titles and awards. They will retain their registered status as Longhair Exotics but will be judged in the applicable color classes of the Persian division.

The Board voted to Pass the Longhair Exotic Compromise by a 10 to 8 vote. 

The 10 voting YES: Cantley, Watson, Eigenhauser, White, Satoh, Anger, Meeker, Brown, Baugh, Delabar
The 8 voting NO: Petersen, Altschul, Wilson, Miller, Kusy, Calhoun, Molino, and Johnson.


A Longhair Exotic Division of Exotics will be created for scoring Longhair Exotics for Regional and National Wins. Although they will compete in Persian color classes for winner's ribbons, grand points, and regional and national points, they will be scored as Longhair Exotics, not as Persians for Regional and National breed wins.

Editor's Note: While spotted tabby is an accepted pattern in Exotics, it is not accepted in Persians in CFA,
so cats registered as LH spotted tabbies will not be eligible for competition.

Registration Number

Exotics will continue to be identified by a registration number with the 7xxx- prefix.

The "Compromise"

While the Longhair Exotics will now be judged alongside their Persian counterparts, they will not enjoy an equal status in a breeding program.

New registration rules will apply to the registration of litters with at least one Longhair Exotic parent born as of April 15, 2009:

Litters are completely ineligible for registration in CFA if the parents are:

Longhair Exotic X Longhair Exotic


Longhair Exotic X Persian

Of course, the Longhair Exotic can still be bred to a Shorthair Exotic and all kittens will be registerable. The goal is to avoid/prevent the Longhair Exotic being used to deliberately produce more Longhair Exotics with no chance of producing Shorthair Exotics.

What is a Breed (WIAB)

In order to accomodate the acceptance of the Longhair Exotic to championship status, the Board voted to modify Show Rule 2.04 -- it will now read: 

Each cat must be entered in the breed under which it is registered, with the exception of qualifying Longhair Exotics.  Each kitten must be entered in the breed under which is it registered or eligible to be registered, with the exception of qualifying Longhair Exotics.

Outcrossing To Persians

The Board did not discuss or take any action on the  question regarding whether or not Exotics should continue to outcross to Persians.

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