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Published May 2004

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GC, RW Cactusway's
Chocolate Dream

In the 1980-81 show season, the first chocolate point Himalayan was shown to a Regional Win. 

The name of the cat was GC, RW Cactusway's Chocolate Dream, a female, who became the 7th Best Cat in the Southwest region that year, with 3231 points.

Since that time almost 25 years ago, no other chocolate point has even come close to that point total....  until this past season.  

In 2003-04, GC, RW Newdestiny's Something In The Stars became the second ever chocolate point regional winner in CFA's history... and in the process, broke the record for most points earned by a chocolate point that was set almost a quarter century ago. 

Like the record-holder before her, Star is also a chocolate point female.

GC, RW Newdestiny's Something In The Stars

Highest scoring Chocolate Point Himalayan in CFA History with 4430.50 points
Gulf Shore Region's 11th Best Cat
Best Cat In Show Winner
Multiple Best Cat Winner
Best Chocolate Point Himalayan (2002-2004)

Star's Story...

Star's story is the result of almost 15 years of dedication, perseverance, and sacrifice,
always shooting for that "impossible dream".

Teresa Schroeder, of NewDestiny cattery, located in Houston, Texas got her first purebred cat in 1989 and attended her first show in 1990. Her first purebred cat was a solid Chocolate named CH Bellmoggie's Little Brittany. Brittany was not the show prospect she thought she was buying, which she found out right away when attending her first show. However, Teresa didn't give up, and worked on educating herself as to what the qualities of a good show cat would be and started working toward that.

GC NewDestiny's
Something Wonderful

In Brittany's 3rd litter, there was an outstanding seal point male she named GC NewDestiny's Something Wonderful.

Wonder was shown a few times as a kitten. He received his first Best Kitten award from Norma Placchi at a show in Dallas, and this brought Teresa to tears with excitement. As an adult, Wonder went on to obtain the title of GC, and that show season also became the Gulf Shore Region's Best Himalayan and Best Seal Point.

This meant a lot to Teresa because early on in Wonder's adult career, several exhibitors - and even a few judges! - thought that Wonder should be changed to a Chocolate point because of his very pale body color and the warmth of his seal points… She was told if he were a Chocolate point he would Grand very quickly…

Teresa knew in her heart Wonder was a Seal and not a Chocolate so she stuck to her guns and kept him a Seal point.

After a few months, a Chocolate point being show as a kitten by another breeder became an adult, and once that cat was in the ring next to Wonder there were never any questions about color again, because you could definitely tell the 2 cats were of different colors…. Teresa was never questioned again about the color of her cats… She felt if she had bent to the pressure to change him to a Chocolate point and taken the easy road, her pedigrees would not be worth the paper they were written on. She still feels today that many people misregister their cats where color is concerned because of the desire to have a Chocolate or Lilac point when the cat is truly a Seal or Blue point… Plus because the color is and has been rare in the show ring, many judges have difficulty truly identifying a “real” Chocolate or Lilac point Himalayan when there is any question….

Wonder went on to sire Teresa's first chocolate point, who was born in July 1996 – GC New Destiny's Something To Remember.  Reme went on to become Teresa's first chocolate point grand champion, and the 17th chocolate point grand in CFA.

Reme is a major contributor in Teresa's program.

A few years later, Teresa sent Reme to a very close friend of hers to breed a few of her girls to.  

One of those girls was Lambnlion's Bridge Over The Stars, a seal point who was sired by CH NewDestiny's Total Eclipse. 

When the litter was about 4 weeks old, Teresa's friend told her that she really needed to come look at one of the kittens, saying "I think there is a chocolate point female you really need to see"...

GC New Destiny's
Something To Remember
When Teresa got there and walked into the bedroom where the kittens were living, her
eyes immediately fell on one particular kitten.  Their eyes locked, and she was mesmerized
by this kitten.

Teresa asked "Who is THIS"??   expecting the response to be "Oh, that's the male kitten".

Instead, she was totally delighted to hear "That was the GIRL I was wanting you to see"!

NewDestiny's Something In The Stars
at 5 months old

Once the kitten was 14 weeks old, she went to live with Teresa, and was named NewDestiny's Something In The Stars.

Star started her kitten career at the age of 5 months old, and was shown at 1 or 2 regional show a month as a kitten.

Star became more competitive as she got older as a kitten, but when she moved into the adult classes she had to do some maturing before she could be competitive with the bigger, more mature males in the ring…

By the time Star turned about 11 months old, she had reached a nice maturity level and took off….

Star granded in December of 2002, and continued to show the rest of the 2002-03 show season, ending the year with just over 2000 points, and was the national best chocolate point, national 8th Best Himalayan, and Best Himalayan in the Gulf Shore region.

After that success, however, Teresa had her eyes on a different goal...  a record that
had stood for over 20 years now. 

Could Star be the one to finally break that record?

Teresa thought so... The judges were using Star in the top half of their finals and she knew with that momentum Star had an excellent chance to “do it”….

And so, she and Star were off on the campaign trail again, jumping right back into the show rings as soon as the new season started.

Star made many BEST CATS during her show career - each and every one was very meaningful and exciting.

One Best in particular was particularly meaningful, as it came from a seasoned Himalayan breeder and judge, Holly Ayers.

Teresa knew Holly would be tough on any Himalayan, as she had seen the high standard Holly ALWAYS held Himalayans to in the past.

In the class judging, Teresa could tell Holly liked Star very much... but in the final, when Holly stopped and went on and on about the quality she saw in Star, it was impossible for Teresa to stop the tears of joy she had, realizing that a fellow Himalayan breeder and judge felt Star WAS such an outstanding example of the breed. Then Holly chose Star as her Best Cat…

Teresa knew that if Holly made Star her Best Cat - then Star was truly THE Best.

Another exciting show was the Gulf Shore Consortium show in Waco Texas. Teresa had to send Star with close friend and vet, Dr. Cynthia Rigoni, that weekend as there was a big event Teresa had to attend for work.

Well, Cyndi did a wonderful job of presenting Star in her usually polished presentation, and Star went on to be Best Cat In Show!

In November 2003, at The Eyes of Texas Cat Club show in Austin, Texas, Star received the final that put her over the top. All Breed Judge, Barbara St. Georges, had the noted honor of being the judge to award the points that made Star the highest scoring Chocolate Point Himalayan of all time!

Teresa continued to show Star the rest of the 2003-04 show season, in an effort to raise the bar for the next Chocolate point to come along.

Star ended the 2003-04 show season as the Gulf Shore Regions 11th Best Cat, Gulf Shore Regions Best Himalayan (again), national 6th Best Himalayan, national Best Chocolate Point (again) and CFA's Highest Scoring Chocolate Point Himalayan ever with 4430.50 points.

Teresa hopes this new record will stand for another 20+ years but will be excited to see another outstanding cat take a shot and beat it.

Star and Teresa are now setting their sights on yet another goal - CFA's first Chocolate Point DM. 

Star's pedigree

Parents Grand-Parents Great-Grand-Parents


GC NewDestiny's Something To Remember

Chocolate Point

GC NewDestiny's Something Wonderful

Seal Point (carrying choc)

CH Purrinpaws Totally Bodacious
Cream CPC

CH Bellemoggie's Little Brittany
Chocolate CPC

Bevenlee Cocoa Puff of NewDesinty

Chocolate Tortie CPC

CH Bevenlee's Lilac Zorro of MountCascade
Lilac CPC

CH Cactusway's Frostfire of Marijete
Flame Point (carrying choc)


Lambnlion's Bridge Over The Stars

Seal Point (carrying choc)

CH NewDestiny's Total Eclipse

Black CPC (carrying choc)

CH Purrinpaws Totally Bodacious
Cream CPC

CH NewDestiny's Taylor Made
Tortie Point (carrying choc)

Lambnlion's Blue Willow

Blue CPC

Macho Maxamillion
Copper-Eyed White

Fursaflyin's Dolly
Seal Point


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