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TICA's 2006 Alter Of The Year

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We first “met” Divinity (Panei Whispurr Sweet Secrets) in December of 2004 when an announcement was posted to the Exotic list that she had become a CFA 4 ring Grand Premier.

Patty Stewart of Panei Persians & Exotics, Divinity's breeder/owner, was hoping to find a forever show home for her 1 year old copper eyed white spay. Upon the recommendation of a mutual friend, we were "matched."  We can't thank Patty enough for entrusting this beautiful girl to us to love and show!!!

We spent the first few months acquainting her with her new family and helping her to adjust to our home and our other cats. Being undecided about which organization to show her, we started off the new season showing in both TICA and CFA. She did equally well in both but we had close ties in TICA and tended to head to those showhalls whenever we could.

She was best in show her first 6 outings, including the TICA Annual. We were stunned. We knew she was a fabulous exotic, but never dreamed that she would show so well! We had to rethink the goals and aspirations we had for her. We knew she had what it would take to be TICA’s Alter of the Year!

We were not new to the cat fancy or to titling and claiming wins, as our boys had earned International wins the past 3 years, one had earned a CFA regional win, and most of our alters were dual titled TICA Supremes and CFA Grands.

What was different this year, was the cat. Divinity loved to go and loved to show and there was never a moment when she didn’t thoroughly enjoy herself whether on the table or in the benching area. Many judges commented on how her motor ran from first ring of the season to last. She simply was born to show.

I’d like to be able to tell you about our campaign trail, about strategy, choosing between shows and lineups, but there really was none of that. We simply brought her to the shows we could and she did the rest. Showing in both organizations is very difficult.

You can not do justice to both, so we had to make the decision to go with TICA this year, CFA next, but she still managed to earn a CFA RW in Region 3.

We had numerous obstacles to overcome such as a mid season job search and resulting move towards the end of the season, as well as missing key shows due to family commitments. But, we managed to get her to the shows she needed to finish on top.

If I had to write about the most important thing learned from this experience it would be this. It’s not really just about the cat and her win, the title, but it’s about the journey getting there – the year spent in the showhall with that special cat, meeting new friends, renewing friendships with old, visiting new places.

This is a hobby, weekend entertainment, and all too often people lose sight of this in their quest for the almighty points. That doesn’t mean we didn’t strive for goals and work towards them, but there is a definite line between hobby and obsession.

Every now and then that truly special cat comes along that deserves the chance to tempt you to cross over that line. Divinity was just that cat and the roller coaster ride of “her year” is filled with memorable moments – the shows, the people, the competition and most of all Alter World.

It’s not the win, the title, the trophy, or the walk across the stage that will be forever treasured, but it’s the opportunity to spend time with those that made it happen!


TICA's 2006 Alter of the Year

IW SGCA (TICA) RW GP (CFA) Panei Whispurr Sweet Secrets

Copper-Eyed-White Exotic Shorthair Spay

Sire:GC Panei's Sweet Talking Guy
Dam:GC Panei's Dominique

Born: 9/7/2003
Breeder: Patty Stewart
Owners: Jan and Ed Chambers

Credits: Photos by Helmi Flick


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