Guidelines For Registering & Showing
Longhair Exotics in CFA

Published March 2009

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The compromise guidelines for registering and showing a Longhair Exotic passed at the CFA Board meeting, February 8, 2009

This compromise was developed with the cooperation of the Breeds and Standards committee and the Exotic and Persian breed council secretaries.


  1. Any Kittens from LH Exotic X LH Exotic breedings or LH Exotic X Persian breedings that are born after 4/15/09 will not be registered in CFA, not even as AOV's.   (See #2 below)
  2. Cats that already exist from these breedings that were born prior to 4/15/09 may be registered with the appropriate fees.  These cats can also be shown in Championship, Premiership and as scorable kittens. 

    All litters that are born after 4/15/09 from a:

    • LH Exotic X LH Exotic breeding or
    • LH Exotic X Persian breeding

    may be recorded through the CATS (Cats Ancestral Tracking Service).  Those cats would remain in that recording service until the non-conforming cat or cats drop off of the pedigree.  In the case of the Persian, that would currently be after the fifth generation.

  3. Cats that are already registered in CFA as LH Exotics will be grandfathered in.


  1. As of 5/1/09, LH Exotics that either fell into the "Grandfathered" category or are from Persian X SH Exotic breedings can be shown at any CFA show. 
  2. They must be in a color accepted within the Persian standard.  For example, although spotted tabbies exist in the Exotics, they do not exist in the Persian color classes and cannot be shown, except as an Exotic AOV. 
  3. There are also some other differences in the color classes and it is up to the exhibitor to determine that their cat's color conforms to an existing, accepted color within the Persian color classes.

Procedure to enter, show and score a LH Exotic

  1. Exhibitor should complete the entry form showing the cat as a Persian and listing the appropriate Persian color class.  For example, a conforming Black LH Exotic Male would complete in Color Class 0108.
  2. The cat will appear in the catalog, the master clerk catalog and the judge's books in the appropriate Persian color class and will be handled and evaluated in that class, along with any Persians and other conforming LH Exotics.
  3. Points will be earned in the Persian color class.  For example, if that Black LH Exotic is a Champion and receives the Purple Champion ribbon, it will receive one CH point for each of the other Solid Persians and LH Exotics competing in that class in that ring.  If a standard Persian receives the purple ribbon, it will earn points for the Persians and any and all LH Exotics that compete in that class.  If there are two opens in the same color class of the same sex, one a LH Exotic and the other a Persian, they will compete for one winner's ribbon.

Regional and National Points/Awards

  1. Regional and National Points will be assigned in the same manner. 
  2. Any Regional and National breed and color points will be earned by the LH Exotics for wins within the newly created LH Exotic Division.
  3. At the end of each season, there will be a Best, Second and Third Best LH Exotic, as there is currently a Best, Second and Third Best SH Exotic. 
  4. No one Exotic will be best overall. 
  5. There will be no Division wins within the Exotic other than Longhair and Shorthair, that is, there will be no Solid Division, Particolor Division, etc.  Those Divisions will still only exist within the Persian breed.
  6. Point thresholds for Regional and National Breed and Color wins will be in effect, as they are for all other breeds/divisions. 
  7. End of year color class awards in the LH Exotics will be different that those of the SH Exotics, as the wins will be based on the color classes currently accepted by the Persians.  The Exotics do accept different colors than the Persians, but repeating that only those cats that conform to existing accepted color classes within the Persian can compete in the show ring. If they cannot compete, they cannot earn points. 

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