National Winning Persians & Exotics
In CFA for 2001-2002

Ristokat Himalayans & Persians

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2002 is a year in which Breed History was made. sends special congratulations to

GC, NW Teahs McFlurry
Cream Point Himalayan Male
CFA's Best Cat in Championship 2001-2002
The first Himalayan to be Best Cat in the history of CFA!

National Winners
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Best Cat  
GC, NW Teahs McFlurry - Cream Point Himalayan M
2nd Best Cat  
GC, NW Wishes Bolero - Copper-Eyed White Persian M
4th Best Cat  
GC, NW Jadon Faviara - Blue-Cream Persian F
6th Best Cat  
GC, NW Scrimshaw Turbulence - Black Persian F
8th Best Cat  
GC, NW Eripadiso Benjamin of Young-Uns - Blue Persian M
16th Best Cat  
GC, NW Joleigh's Pin-Up Girl of Red Sky - Black Smoke Persian F
17th Best Cat  
GC, NW Goliada Hermione - Blue Persian F
18th Best Cat  
GC, NW Purrinlot Arelikiss of Stepp'nstone - Copper-Eyed White Persian M
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  Kittens *** Kittens may have added GC to their titles since this list was made
Best Kitten  
NW Jadon Comefly With Me of Kenkat - Blue Persian F
3rd Best Kitten  
NW Catsafrats Star Spangled - Tortoiseshell Persian F
4th Best Kitten  
NW Teahs Put A Little Love In Ur Heart - Blue-Cream Point Himalayan F
10th Best Kitten  
GC, NW Aegaeon's Fur-De-Lance - Black Exotic M
11th Best Kitten  
GC, NW Katabears Partly Cloudy - Blue Point Himalayan M
12th Best Kitten  
GC, NW Scrimshaw Turbulence - Black Persian F
14th Best Kitten  
GC, NW Heida I Luv Rock N' Roll - Black & White Van Exotic M
17th Best Kitten  
NW Young-Uns Jamaica Me Crazy - Copper-Eyed White Persian M
18th Best Kitten  
NW Joleigh's Passionate Kisses - Brown Tabby Persian F
20th Best Kitten  
NW Purrinlot Majestic Kiss of Pironti - Copper-Eyed White Persian M
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2nd Best Premier  
GP, NW Lion House Basic Black of Karleton - Black Exotic S
3rd Best Premier  
GC, GP, NW Araho's Rosie O'donnell - Red Persian S
5th Best Premier  
GP, NW Char-O's Black Bean - Black Persian N
8th Best Premier  
GP, NW Joleigh's Brownie Yum Yum - Brown Tabby Persian N
9th Best Premier  
GP, NW Tazman's C'est Si Bon - Brown Tabby & White Persian S
11th Best Premier  
GP, NW Labrese Manhattan Manny - Shaded Silver Persian N
15th Best Premier  
GP, NW Cozmo Cabernet - Red Tabby Persian N
17th Best Premier  
GC, GP, NW Tanglebox's Sunnyside Up - Red Tabby Persian N
20th Best Premier  
GP, NW Burnbrae's Marlene - Tortie Point Himalayan S
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