National Winning Persians & Exotics
In CFA for 2002-2003

Ristokat Himalayans & Persians

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The 2002-2003 CFA show season is officially over.
Persians and Exotics account for 25 of the 65 National Winners this season
including Best Cat in Championship

CFA National Winners 2003-2003
Best Cat  
GC, BW, NW Catsafrats Shine On of Agonistes - Black Persian M
2nd Best Cat  
GC, BW, NW Marcus Mojo Jojo - Black Exotic M
3rd Best Cat  
GC, BW, NW Catillak Let Me Tellya Secret - Dilute Calico Van Persian F
4th Best Cat  
GC, BW, NW Nekomo Empress Himiko - Mi-Ke SH Japanese Bobtail F
5th Best Cat  
GC, BW, NW Verismo Donner - Brown Tabby Maine Coon M
6th Best Cat  
GC, NW Marcus M'stique of Kadji-Ki - Black Persian F
7th Best Cat  
GC, BW, NW Truluck Stillwater of Astech - Ruddy Abyssinian M
8th Best Cat  
GC, BW, NW Purrmatix Everyonewantstobelikemike - Seal Point Balinese M
9th Best Cat  
GC, BW, NW Talisyn's Captain Quark - Blue-Eyed White Oriental Shorthair M
10th Best Cat  
GC, NW Abizaq Sydney - Ruddy Abyssinian M
11th Best Cat  
GC, NW Bassetti's Kokeshi - Mi-Ke SH Japanese Bobtail F
12th Best Cat  
GC, NW Compass Rose Ivory Rat - Odd-Eyed White Oriental Shorthair M
13th Best Cat  
GC, NW Sundew's Madam Lazonga - Copper-Eyed White Persian F
14th Best Cat  
GC, BW, NW Wildtracks Millennium Mystic - Chocolate Spotted Ocicat M
15th Best Cat  
GC, BW, NW Stedam's Silversmith - Silver Tabby American Shorthair M
16th Best Cat  
GC, NW Ghattas Dom Casmurro of Pajean - Blue Tabby & White Persian M
17th Best Cat  
GC, NW Y-Not Jumpin' Jack Flash of Skatts - Ebony Tabby Oriental Shorthair M
18th Best Cat  
GC, BW, NW Castlkatz Harry Potter - Blue British Shorthair M
19th Best Cat  
GC, BW, NW Mowl Sima's Jaded - Korat F
20th Best Cat  
GC, NW Revillion Candyman - Blue-Eyed White Persian M
21st Best Cat  
GC, BW, NW Mittsnpaws Maxa-Milion of Karactorz - Red Somali M
22nd Best Cat  
GC, NW Dal-Bo's Bixby of Elking - Black Persian M
23rd Best Cat  
GC, NW Rampageous Ziggy Stardust - Fawn Somali M
24th Best Cat  
GC, BW, NW Cozmo Brown Sugar - Brown Tabby Persian F
25th Best Cat  
GC, BW, NW Sunledge Snapdragon - Tortoiseshell Persian F
*** Kittens may have added GC to their titles since this list was made
Best Kitten  
GC, NW Wild Rain Firewater of Dotdotdot - Chocolate Spotted Ocicat M
2nd Best Kitten  
GC, NW Irlu Glendalough Roisin of Redzone -Patched Tabby/Wh Norwegian Forest Cat F
3rd Best Kitten  
NW Brillocatz Curley Sue - Odd-Eyed White American Wirehair F
4th Best Kitten  
GC, NW Catsafrats Star Fish of Wishes - Black Persian M
5th Best Kitten  
GC, NW Starrpawzs Holy Cow! - Tabby & White SH Scottish Fold M
6th Best Kitten  
GC, NW Myrlyn Wrapped In Legend of Kemage - Blue-Eyed White Oriental Shorthair M
7th Best Kitten  
GC, NW Mckittycreek T Ruxpin of Shubacoons - Brown Tabby Maine Coon M
8th Best Kitten  
GC, NW Jadon Flyin High of Goliada - Blue Persian F
9th Best Kitten  
GC, NW Noblessa's Mercedes - Copper-Eyed White Persian F
10th Best Kitten  
GC, NW Kuorii J-Lo of Marcus - Brown Spotted Tabby Exotic F
11th Best Kitten  
GC, NW J-Nine's Johnny B. Goode - Brown Tabby & White Maine Coon M
12th Best Kitten  
GC, NW Tsar Blu's Tsardust Rhapsody - Russian Blue F
13th Best Kitten  
GC, NW Prancenpaws Spinet - Tortie Point Himalayan F
14th Best Kitten  
GC, NW Sulltans Sing Glory Halleluiah - Tortie Point Himalayan F
15th Best Kitten  
GC, NW Tsar Blu's Zophia - Russian Blue F
16th Best Kitten  
GC, BW, NW Grovewood's Mr. Interstate - Seal Lynx Point Himalayan M
17th Best Kitten  
GC, NW Czarcatz Aim High - Russian Blue F
18th Best Kitten  
GC, NW Truluck Planet Claire of Bastis - Ruddy Abyssinian F
19th Best Kitten  
GC, NW Roc-Roc's Iron Willie - Silver Tabby American Shorthair M
20th Best Kitten  
GC, NW Kenkat Swinging On A Star of Jadon - Cream Persian F
Best Premier  
GP, NW Katskans Prism - Odd-Eyed White SH Manx S
2nd Best Premier  
GP, NW Araho's Casey O'boyle - Cream Persian N
3rd Best Premier  
GP, NW Timari's Korina of Blacpurl - Bombay S
4th Best Premier  
GC, GP, NW Starrpawzs Gladiator! - Tabby & White SH Scottish Fold N
5th Best Premier  
GP, NW Thorsgard's Bailey - Brown Tabby & White Norwegian Forest Cat S
6th Best Premier  
GP, NW Jeannel Apple Jack of Krimpurrs - Brown Tabby Persian N
7th Best Premier  
GP, NW Austriana Tanzia of Lapis - Sable Burmese S
8th Best Premier  
GP, NW Grecco's It's Your Call of Anointed - Seal Point Himalayan S
9th Best Premier  
GP, NW Kitty Charm Moon Frost - Copper-Eyed White Persian N
10th Best Premier  
GP, NW Divinity's Shimmer - Cream & White Persian N
11th Best Premier  
GP, NW Naboo Blue Spruce - Russian Blue N
12th Best Premier  
GP, NW Angtini Okee-Dokee - Brown Tabby & White Maine Coon N
13th Best Premier  
GC, GP, NW Arrow's James Byron Dean - Blue McTabby Exotic N
14th Best Premier  
GP, NW Procurlharem Oscurl Wilde - Tabby & White LH American Curl N
15th Best Premier  
GP, NW Cylin's Julia of Cking - Platinum Mink Tonkinese S
16th Best Premier  
GP, NW Mysinhs Xavier - Seal Point Birman N
17th Best Premier  
GP, NW Byhishands Last Chance - Red & White Persian N
18th Best Premier  
GP, NW Leggs Legolas of Kuroneko - Green-Eyed White Oriental Shorthair N
19th Best Premier  
GP, NW Mistysprings Checkmate - Other Color LH Manx N
20th Best Premier  
GP, NW Zehnder's P.B. Max - Fawn Abyssinian N

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