Parti Wai Celebrates TWO DMs!

Published September 2002

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Perhaps the most coveted title a cat can be awarded in CFA is that of Distinguished Merit or DM.

Part Wai Persians had the incredible accomplishment of DMing both a male and a female Persian within a few months of one another. Here is the story of CH Frenchcats Nimbus of Parti Wai, DM and GC, GP Parti Wai Easter Bonnet, DM told by their proud owner, Gloria Busselman.

To be awarded the Distinguished Merit title in CFA:
A male cat must sire a minimum of 15 cats who have earned at least one of three titles:
Grand Champion, Grand Premier or Distinguished Merit.
A female cat must have produced 5 or more offspring who earn at least one of these titles to earn her Distinguished Merit title.

CH Frenchcats Nimbus of Parti Wai, DM

Blue and White Van Persian Male
Born: 5/1/95

Sire: GC Frenchcats Anzestry
Dam: CH Anz La Marquise of Frenchcats
Breeder: Richard French
Owner: Gloria Busselman
Date of DM: 3-2-2002

When I set out to purchase a cat like Puffy, I had no intentions to ever breed or show Persians. I just wanted a lovely blue and white van Persian.

I spent almost 2 years researching photos and pedigrees and had made the decision that my cat must be from the Anz line. Then came the task of finding someone that would sell a rank novice with no direction a top quality cat. I did not care if it was a male or a female.

I finally found Richard French and it's all been up hill ever since.

After many phone calls and 2 videos, Puffy came to live with us when he was 5 months old. A friend asked me to go to a cat show with her and I thought this might be fun.

I spent 30 years breeding and showing Shih Tzu and I guess I needed a new challenge. When Puffy was in full coat he started his show career.

It did not last long - he hated it! He would much rather have eaten the judges then be a show cat.

I'm not one to give up easily but I figured he and I were accomplishing nothing like this. So I got a couple of girls and started breeding him.

Puffy produced 5 grands his first breeding season out of 3 unrelated queens. It seemed he was very prepotent for his type. This encouraged me to go for a DM on him. He has never missed a queen and breeds like a perfect gentleman.

GC Parti Wai Traces of Fire
GC Parti Wai Grace
GC Parti Wai Rum Runner

His grands, 16 to date, are out of 6 different bloodlines. He is 7 years old now and still producing nice babies.

He lives in his own indoor outdoor run and during the spring, summer and fall evenings you can generally finding him sitting outside on his stump watching the world go by.

He will live with us for the rest of his lifetime. He has done much for Parti Wai Persians. It is truly an honor and a pleasure to own a male like Puffy.

GP Parti Wai Jack-ee
GP Parti Wai Will

GC, GP Parti Wai Easter Bonnet, DM

Dominant Calico Persian Female
Born: 4-12-1998

Sire: GC, RW Oresta Critic Choice of Parti Wai
Dam: CH Colesco's Southern Belle of Parti Wai
Breeders: Gloria Busselman & Donna Wadsworth
Owner: Gloria Busselman
Date of DM Award: 11-3-2001

Bonnie was born on Easter Sunday in 1998. Because of her interesting head markings, I named her Easter Bonnet.

She was exciting in every way from the time she was born.

She has been my constant companion and travels with me always.

Her first trip was in our Motorhome, 6 weeks to and from Alaska when she was just 9 weeks old.

Most recently she went with us through Baja California. Bonnie knows when we are getting ready for a trip and is waiting at the door.

She started her show career very young, she and I were both novices. That early traveling really bonded us.

She ended her kitten career 23rd Best Kitten in Region 2 - a few points short of a regional win. We did not earn the RW title but bigger things were to come...

graphic by Susannah Pincheira

Bonnie was a 2 show grand and 2nd Best Calico Van Persian in the 98-99 show season.

Bonnie had only 3 litters, 8 kittens. All but 3 of her babies have granded. One of those is a boy in Malaysia and the others are 2 girls that I have here at home. She has always been bred to CH Frenchcats Nimbus of Parti Wai. Why fool with a good thing?

Her first litter produced GC Parti Wai Rum Runner and GC Parti Wai Traces of Fire. Her third litter produced GC Parti Wai Grace, GP Parti Wai Will and GP Parti Wai Jack-ee.

I spayed Bonnie just before she was 5 years old, and after she achieved her DM. She had done enough for me and will spend the rest of her life romping in the house and sleeping on my bed and taking more motorhome trips with my husband and me.

She has never been cut down, and she loved the shows. She was always attracting attention looking for a teaser to play with.

Bonnie returned to the show ring after retiring from breeding and added GP to her other titles. She has been a joy to me in all ways.

The Grand Offspring of
CH Frenchcats Nimbus of Parti Wai, DM

GC Parti Toi Awesome Blossom
GC Parti Toi Vanity Fare
GC Parti Toi Spice Girl
GC Parti Toi Typhoon
GC Parti Toi Fair Haired Boy
GP Parti Wai Jack-ee
GP Parti Wai Will
GP Parti Wai Fargo
GC Parti Wai Viviena of Kissables
GC Parti Wai Tight End
GP, RW Parti Wai A Lil Dab Wil Do Ya
GC Parti Wai Rum Runner
GC Parti Wai Traces of Fire
GC Parti Wai Tickled Pink
GC Parti Wai Grace
GC Parti Wai Storm Cloud


The Grand Offspring of
GC Parti Wai Easter Bonnet, DM

GC Parti Wai Rum Runner
Region 2 Best Cream & White Van 1999-2000 season

GC Parti Wai Traces of Fire
Region 2 Best Red & White Van
1999-2000 season

GC Parti Wai Grace

Grace was shown 3 times as a kitten, she was 2nd highest scoring kitten in each of those shows.

GP Parti Wai Will

Will was a 1 show grand as a Premier.
GP Parti Wai Jack-ee Jackee

Gloria Busselman
Parti Wai Persians
Washington, USA

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